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Updates June/July

Posted by saby on 2015-08-05 at 12:00 AM

Hi guys,
Hope everyone is doing well. IPC is coming up and I am all geared up for it.
Live –
I did ok in live cash in June and hit a rough patch in July at the higher stakes. Mostly at these stakes the games are not tougher by any means it’s just a bankroll war. The biggest problem is the games run anywhere at 300 to 1000 BB deep variance is crazy. Imagine a situation where you have a 4L stack at 100/200 flop top set and the villain decides to put you in with his open ender/flush draw and the dreaded gut shot :P. If any of you play these crazy games or decide to play them be ready for some crazy swings. Keep your game solid and keep putting in the money with the best hand.
IPC – Looking forward to IPC. It’s the WSOP for Indians and meeting everyone in the circuit having fun is a welcome break for me from the grind. Having said that I feel I am prepared for this IPC more than ever. No last minute plans this time + I have been working on my game a lot more than I did before and hitting the live tables 30 Hrs or more each week. The high roller is a welcome introduction I just hopped it would be a 6 max event. Not too many 6 max events are played out here and it would have been fun.
Online –
Online has been super crazy for starts I don’t put in as much volume as I used to do in 2013/2014 add to that some sick runs. 12th in the big 22, 14th 13th 6th,8th etc etc . So whats the plan to overcome this. Well nothing can be done except that I keep at it. When i sit down I tell myself that I am gonna play the best poker I can and that’s all I can do. I am trying to get some volume going so I wake up at 4 grind the hot 44 to nightly 55 then head out for live cash. Let’s see how long I keep this going.
Random notes –
I am hopping a few of the Indian sites get some cash game volumes going. we can play a lot more hands/hr if we play online. Its sometimes irritating to deal with the people you meet at the live tables. Someone abusing the dealer someone cribbing at his rotten luck someone abusing other players at the tables. It would fit perfectly if I could put in 6-8 tables of online cash for 2-3 hrs a day
After playing live a decent bit I have come to realize that I love to play MTTs. Live cash might be more profitable but job satisfaction is pretty low :P. So in terms of plans for the rest of the year I would love to Increase my volume at MTTs both live and online increase my volume at online cash.
K guys best of luck for IPC. Take care and hope ur pairs hold and draws get there.

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