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Posted by Harshil Dhingra on 2012-12-03 at 12:00 AM

hey guys, hope u all are running good.as mentioned in my last blog i have decided to play 180’s, to test my knowledge and to try and increase my bankroll a bit. i m mixing them with 6 max sngs, 2-3 tables. would try and go for 4 by next week.
played 2 sessions over the weekend. during the first session i played 12 180s(-$25), big 5.5(+5), couple of other turbos (–) and around 20 sngs (+$). cashed in the 5.5 and was up at the sngs.in the second session, played around 30sngs ,13 2.5 180’s and hot 11(-$11). again was up in the sngs, not much though, but again didn’t cash in the first 11 2.5s. was 23bi down in these games, though this is normal for these games, but the good thing was that i was feeling good about my game, was going deep, all the short stack knowledge that we got was coming very handy in these spots, it was just a matter of time that those flips start going my way and then in the 24th game i managed to the reach the final table, though was crippled during the ft bubble, managed a 8th place. it was supposed to be my last game for the session, but then loaded a couple more, and yup, managed to ship 1. went for the kill on the ft,1st place was my only motto, others tightening up helped me alot.
so all in all it was a good session for me, confidence booster. the plan for this week is to go through my calling range (using pokerstove and pt4 hand range models etc) and hope to get few more good sessions .till then hope u guys have great time at the tables. cheers..

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Harshil Dhingra

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