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Posted by JAIDEEP on 2013-10-31 at 12:00 AM

I was warned of it, i knew it happens to all poker players but i never knew the brunt of pain it would bring. I have been playing poker online from the past 20 months but i never had such a variance prone month. If I’d be losing in MTT’s (which i very often do :P) i get in back in cash, if cash was going amiss I’d shift to micro SNG’s and grind back from there. But hear me out here am not writing to cry out here am writing to tell u what i learnt .Cash games are less variance prone cause of only stack size variance issues, take a one outer deep in a tourney and u realize you suddenly lost a cool 5 digit sum which to begin with was never yours. There are a lot of things a poker player needs to ask himself while facing variance/downswing.

Am a playing bad, am I tilting, why I always find myself chasing losses, should i take a break? I probably will answer this Q is my prospect


Hell ya i am: P…am not playing the standard plays cause i normally play higher on my non-challenge roll and trying to outplay everyone.Poker is a game of SKILL but don’t over thing u can make someone folds KINGS cause you know he has them and you played the hand in such a way that 99% time with ur line u have him beat.I was playing 5/10 cent 9 man deep ante with the challenge roll and after being a regular in these games for about 2 months i tried to change my game…OVERDID IT…from being a winning player there i lost about 40BI there this month and some last month.

(also have asked a few places but never got the answer to this Q, is 5/10 cent deep ante game still called 10NL when the buy in there is 25$) #fishasks

Also although i did lose decent amount there a certain part of it is sure the wrath of variance.

This is the link to my al time challenge bankroll cash graph.


Am down about 400$ in EV here. Not a good feeling when u had only 1k segregated for cash from total.

This one is from October only


My sharkskope marking end of September i the graph.


I didn’t lose much here but boyyyy could that graph have been different: P (later on that)


I normally sit online am open 12-15 tables. Most sessions of mine end up being getting buried and then tilt chasing back. Will give u an example. Just the other day i was 15 tabling 6max deep .Within 2 hrs. I was 2k hands in and stuck 22BI if u had answered as 10NL in #fishasks or 11BI if 25NL: P. Now being stuck i reduced the number of tables and went down to 4 tabling. Fast forward 11hrs and i was still grinding and slowly recovering losses until the tables went dry in the morning. This is happening very frequently with me am working into it to reduce number of tables plus working on my game in the HUD.



Well ya i should take a break

HORSE****.Am not going to. Not because I am not ready to believe i played bad but because am agreeing to work on my game and not do the same mistakes. Monetary losses in poker have stopped having much of an effect on me ONLINE. Still can’t call a 2000Rs raise LIVE whereas i would have snap called 35$ online same spot. Well i guess 2000INR gets me 5 large dominos pizzas and 20$ meehhhh we r not in America and doubt it would fetch me 5 there too :P. joke


The worse sting happens when u happen to end up in cooler spots. This month i had a fair share of those and well i dedicated a page to them 😛



Post 5 here is the GEM OF THEM ALL.

So this month has to be ending I am disappointed how it all went. From the last time i blogged to the bad Packages and the deep run bad beats. OH I forgot to mention this i was lucky enough to sat from the 500FPP to the 5k FPP, from there to the 25k FPP sat to PCA (poker stars Caribbean adventure) package. All in all 105 people played it and there were 5 packages up for grabs. I had some big names on my table from Timex, flushentity, pratush to Lipofund. Well to sum it all Lipo fund moreover owed me both in the 5K sat and the 25k sat but it was an amazing experience. Couldn’t close on the package ended up 32nd after 3-4 hours but was fun. On the side was playing the 100k GOLD STAR FREEROLL where i though might as well reimburse the 15K UT here when i took this F3T [url]http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/5567044_BC3C1223C2[/url] ,just 15kUT normal 3k CL equity pot at least .

Can’t end the blog in a sad note so all I must say is NOVEMBER prepare to be my BITCH 


CASH 500$

TOURNEY 1700$ (incresed cause of bonuses and VPP milestones being reached.)

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