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Vegas for WSOP

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-06-24 at 12:00 AM

Hey all, this is my first blog at PokerGuru, now that I am finally out of India and have some poker to write about, I will be blogging regularly here and updating everyone how my quest for a bracelet goes.
I had been waiting for the past 9 months to get back to the US, its been a long wait but well worth it. Words cant express how happy I am to be back with my boys and playing poker, there is absolutely nothing else on my agenda till the series ends. There are 9 of us staying together is huge mansion, will definitely post some pictures when I get to it. I ran into some Indian players who are down here for WSOP, Arjjun Parchisa and Yudi along with Gaurav Law are all here in Vegas right now and it was pretty awesome hanging out with them and showing them around the WSOP, since this is my 6th yr at the WSOP I feel like a veteran here.

Pokerwise, so far I have played 1500 and 5k 6 max with little luck. I was very pleased with how I played the 5k 6 max where I played several big pots and had lotta swings. I lost lot of big pots after amassing a big stack early, I was upto 65k at 200-400 when my AA held against 67ss on Ks 8s 5h board and later I busted Frank Kassella when I defended his btn open with 9To in bb, flop came K 9 9r, I check raised flop, bet turn and then shoved river and he called off with AK. That was the good fortune I had, but then I ran KTdd into 44 on Kh 4h Tc flop for 70k and then busted with JQcc vs AsAh on 7c Tc 5d flop for 110k during the last level of the night. Overall it was a real fun tournament and even though I busted after 9 hrs of playing, I was happy with the way I played am really looking forward to the next event on Saturday which will be a huge 1500, today for a change everyone has a day off the and plan is to chill by the pool and be veyryy lazzyyy.

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Aditya Agarwal

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