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Vegas of the East — Macau (MPC Blog)

Posted by Kartik Ved on 2016-03-18 at 12:00 AM

Hey poker folks, this is my first time blogging and I will be keeping it light and talking more about my experiences rather than ramble on about hands, bad beats etc.

So here it goes, recently Pranay Kapoor and I made a long awaited trip to Macau for the Red Dragon (MPC24) series after facing a lot of hurdles. Making our first international trips we both were excited to do well. We were confused about which events to play and the duration of the series to go for and we contacted Rajeev Kanjani and Bblacklegend in mid-February to get their piece of advice for it and were extremely supportive, they snap told us not to do the full series, but who listens. After making our schedule the tally came of all events turned out to be close to $6k and we both freaked cause the question came “Who will buy a piece in us” because we shifted to online cash games and have no Live Results to back it up and tbh nothing impressive on Stars either. I ended up selling the pack a month in advance and ended up getting good response so that did help and motivated me to go forward with the trip, however we were prepared to own dime it.

Reaching Macau, getting through the customs hurdle as we were taken in a silent closed room just the type of rooms they show in Banged Up Abroad on Nat Geo for some verifications and Pranay whispers “Bro, I hope you haven’t carried any stuff by mistake!” Thankfully nothing happened and it was a routine check. Macau was freezing. We checked into Sheraton suggested to us by Dhaval which was next door to City of Dreams were MPC took place.
The structures of the initial side events were not appealing at all and are very turboish with big level jumps!

Being in Macau for two weeks was a challenge for us when it came to food, one can feel disgusted looking at the menu. Going around we found an eatable cuisine in the Venetian Food Court “Pizza Pizza” and survived on Pizzas every day! Our days would pass by quickly as we did not do much in Macau. It was simple, Wake Up, head to COD to play the tournaments, have dinner and get back to playing online till sunrise. Repeat the cycle.

On our trip we saw and met a lot of personalities like Scott Davies, Jack Salter, Louis Salter, Joe Hachem, Celina Lin. We had a random incident when we were just walking around the Hard Rock Lobby killing time before the tournament starts and we happened to spot Adi (Intervention) out there. We caught up for a random conversation over a cup of coffee, it fascinated us that he was so humble and chilled out catching up with us!

Approaching the Main, the numbers increased and fellow Indian Pros came in.

Macau surely will be a memorable on various instances, going food hunting, to seeing the guy seated to my left watching porn with pride, Raghav Bansal’s heroics on the team events FT!
Macau is definitely a place for tournament regulars but do not make the mistake of playing the full schedule, we regret it!

Good Luck at the tables!

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Kartik Ved

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