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Vegass and PGMP 3

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2013-07-01 at 12:00 AM

Will be leaving for Vegas shortly, its a long ass 32hr journey this time with a horrid 13hr layover at heathrow, but I am still so looking forward to Vegas. I will be playing the 1111 (re-entry), 1500 and the Main Event, not sure but might play some small dailies and carnival stuff as well. Once I get there I will be blogging regularly and will update on the Indian crew’s progress in WSOP events.
I played a whole a lot online last cpl of mnths and feel in good flow, even though havent had a big score I hv been going deep a lot and been consistently working on my game so feel in good zone, kinda relaxed to be honest not having to grind online for 2 weeks, it is very draining and at times tough when u keep playing everyday without getting those big scores, but thats the nature of mtts, u r just going to have way more loosing days than winning days.

PGMP 3 will be starting in August. People can start applying in linked thread below.
This time we will be taking only 10 new students and the course will start August 1st and end within 2 mnths. We will only be considering people who meet the following requirements:
Have been playing poker for 6 mnths+ with primary game being mtts (cash game players pls do not apply as this will do more harm than good to ur game)
Have no affliation with any other Indian poker portals/sites
Will be able to atttend all online sessions during the 2 mnths and are able to come to future live events of PGT
Have some sort of BR online

Everyone in the program will be required to blog atleast once a week and post regularly in the strategy forum. In the past I have had lot of people who join and then stop attending sessions and stop being active on PG after first cpl of weeks, this time around people applying can blog from now itself and post on forum, I will be giving preference to people who are active on the site during the application process (will be announcing the candidates last week of July).

This will be kinda advanced program, I have improved/updated my game in last cpl mnths, so I will be allowing people who have dropped out or want to refresh stuff from the first 2 batches to join as well, however I will be taking only a limited number of people from the first 2 batches giving preference to people who hv been active on the site since completion of their program, for those who havent been active I would suggest to get on it now.

PGMP 3 thread link:

Next update from Vegas

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Aditya Agarwal

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