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Wannabe famous Interview :D :P

Posted by Dharamveer Singh on 2012-11-12 at 12:00 AM

So, my friend calls me up, we have a laugh about everything, from chicks, cricket to chips.

[B]Dude, what if you win another one?[/B]
What if man, I will win it soon.

[B]Let me throw some rapid fire at you[/B]

[B]When did you think you could win it?[/B]
When I was down to being 3rd last in the tourney after 4-5 hands, I thought winning from here would be so sick.

[B]That seems a made up story, anyways why did you win it?[/B]
I had nothing to lose, I had not seen the payout structure till the end, just that 1st was 12K and 2nd was 8K. Obviously, PGMP is the missing jigsaw piece in these great runs for each one of us.

[B]That’s it, what about the game?[/B]
3b light, I took it literally and would not mind 5b or 7b, if I know that my opponent knows I am doing it. I can’t imagine anybody even making it to the final table without it.

[B]so, how’s the family reaction been?[/B]
Parents: Jua ka paisa kaam nahi aata, you’ll loose it one day, better to concentrate on studies and don’t increase stakes!

[B]What are you planning to do with 10K?[/B]
Play more freely, now I don’t need to worry about BR. We are 3 guys who started it together and had promised each other whatever we win ever, we would split it. I haven’t discussed this again with them, but obviously I am staking them at whatever levels BR permits.

[B]What are you planning to buy?[/B]
Iphone 5, travel freely to Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai (got friends there) and maybe Jakarta for an ecstatic party (if you know what I mean)

[B]Wow, that’s a bit too much, what about poker?[/B]
Yeah, so now I can focus on learning more stuff about the game. I’ll be grinding Micro Millions till the end. Hope to take at least 1 more win.

[B]Why you, why not me?[/B]
Lol, I told you I had nothing to lose, other than that, I have always looked to improve my game. I read as much as I can, PGMP obviously the sole reason why I could win it. This win does a lot to my confidence too. You play more, analyze less, I even made notes, which are quite famous now, as you know I have never made any notes in any class whether IIT or IIM. So, this shows my dedication towards Poker.

[B]Man, even I am dedicated, anyways, what’s the best reaction till now?[/B]

Quite a few actually
[I]“I was happy when I got placed yesterday, then DV happened”
“My 3 years of job savings were 4.5L, you did that in 12 hours, that proves life’s unfair”
“Is it real money or play money?”
“Give me some chips”
“I went for the job interview today, their CTC was 5.5”
“We’ll get that after burning our ass off in summers, you bastard”
“Poker, Teach me Poker”
“Which website?”[/I]

[B]What’s bigger $10K or 1st ?[/B]
Man, that’s a tricky one. I would like to say 1st, but it’s $10K, simply because it extends beyond myself and I can share it with friends. It feels great to be 1st, I was going to give up after deal, but bragging rights had to be earned, thanks again to Adi.

[B]When can i get to know more about you as an individual?[/B]
I’ll be blogging regularly on PokerGuru, so that’s one thing. I am sure there’ll be lot of stuff regarding MTTs that we play, I am unable to put up Boom hands from last tournaments, my hand history folder has all missing entries. You can obviously call or meet me for knowing who I am, but that won’t help you with Aces. 😛

[B]Can you give me $20?[/B]
Transferred 🙂

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