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WCOOP challenge and FTOPS, THOS bangalore event and 2 mnths to WSOP

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2014-03-29 at 12:00 AM

Whenever there is a relatively quite period online, PokerStars comes up with something HUGE. The WCOOP challenge is back this weekend along with FTOPS startin on Sunday. WCOOP challenge has a 700$ buyin 1 mill gtd, 1k 1mill gtd and 2100 2mill gtd, all 3 of these shud be pretty big events, they hv cpl more but these 3 are the ones I most looking forward too. I hv been getting killed on fulltilt lately, ftops shud be pleasant change from the reg infested tournies there and shud make for some big prizepools. This is a big weekend in a while and I cudn’t be more excited, took a little break for a week and now feel completely charged up and ready to go.

Last week was THOS event in Bangalore which kicked off with 2 tournaments in association with PokerGuru (for updates u can check under live updates), it was pretty awesome event and first time I played a tournament in land-based pokerroom. Over 100 people showed up from all over India, first time I hv seen the entire indian poker community outside of Goa. It was awesome meeting everyone in Bangalore, lot of people came up and introduced themselves who I hadn’t met before, its always nice to meet new upcomers and aspiring poker players. Two upcomers 2 yrs ago had come to Goa and introduced themselves similarly and now are regular fixtures in tough cash games across the country, both of em dropped out of college and took up poker as profession (not something i recommend ever under any circumstances), but they took the plunge and left Bangalore and went to Goa, to see them do so well makes me very happy and see many more people following their path. Bangalore seems to hv the most young players with many legal cardroom offering low rake, low buyin games for them to get their start. Other places from what I hv heard try and follow the same rake structure as Goa or the similar, with rake caps at 5% 10$ or 20$, which just makes the games unbeatable. I hve been hearing about more legal pokerooms opening all over the country along with other interesting developments on the online front so could be interesting 6 months for Indian poker, anything which takes away the monopoly and absurd rake structure from Goa has my blessings.

Its getting to that time of the year again, WSOP starts May end, ideally I would like to go for APPT main in Macau, right before WSOP and then the entire World Series, should be finalizing the trip soon. Next 2 months its all going to be poker and I will be looking to get in the right mindset for the series. This year I am really of cussed on doing well, gonna be my 8th year, so time I win something big. We should have a bigger contingent from India than last time and shud make for some fun rails whenever one of us is deep.

So that’s about it, will be making an announcement very soon regarding a paid PGMP program for players looking to go for the world series and are making the plunge to higher buyins online, it will be Chris Dombrowski (cdbr3799 online and won a bracelet last yr) and me doing the program together. We are still figuring out the details and will be announcing everything here shortly.

GL at the tables, and as always post hands in the PokerGuru forum and not on social media if u want advice from serious players and not recreational ones.

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Aditya Agarwal

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