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We are back!!! (Bigger, Better, & Longer ;)

Posted by Rajeev Kanjani on 2011-03-21 at 12:00 AM

Hello People,

Well, finally we are back, and as the title suggests, we are all of the above.

Our schedule has been uploaded on this site and on our website:- [url]www.acesunlimited.net[/url]

We have a few changes being implemented, from this series, as listed below:

1. Its’ a 5 Day Event.
2. We have added a Deep-Stack Turbo Event.
3. We have added a Bounty Max in the Bounty Event.
4. Biggest of all – We have the POY starting, with a Cash Prize of 100K to the Leader at the end of 2011-2012 Season, consisting of 4 Seasons, this 1 being the Summer Edition.
5. All our tournaments will now be held in Sol Poker Room, Casino Pride

We hope the new formats, POY, new Casino, will be appreciated by all. As usual, we strive to be different, by introducing something new to the Indian Poker Scene every series.

Brief Schedule:-
18th May – 5K Freeze-Out (Deep Stack Turbo + 1 Re-Entry)
19th May – 10K Freeze-Out (7K + 2K + 1K – Bounty + Bounty Max)
20th May – 5K Rebuy + Addon
21st May – 20K Freeze-Out
22nd May – 10K Shoot-Out

All details are on our website. REGISTRATION OPENS ON 1st of APRIL.

Like we always say :- Come and be part of the POKER CONQUEST!!!

Aces Unlimited

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Rajeev Kanjani

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