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Week 10: Fancy Friday, Spewy Sunday.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-07-23 at 12:00 AM

Thus ends the Micro-Millions week. Though I was charged up for the MM series and had thought I was going to play a lot of them, I ended up playing only on 2 days and played only 3 micro-million tourneys. Didn’t cash in any of them. The structures were really deep and slow. I should have done better.

In one of them I had my AA cracked in a 3-bet pot. The villain called all 3 barrels on a low card flop and hit a set of 88 on the river.
In the shoot-out one I played, I made a terrible spew; 4-bet jamming with K9s (button) against QQ (BB). Hand is in the forum.
In the third one, I got nothing going. Had one interesting spot, QQ hand in forum. Then did a fancy jam with gut-shot at 22bb when I got check-raised on a dry flop. Many times these check-raises are informational bluffs. Thought I had fold equity. Villain called and showed with top pair, weak kicker.

All these fancy/spewy plays; the reasons for my above blog title. Will be working harder this week to weed them out.

In other tourneys played in the Friday and Sunday sessions, I had one deep run in 3.3$. Finished 23/750ish. At one time was chip leader in that one. Couldn’t close it unfortunately.
During the end stages, two hands crippled my stack. First I called an 11bb shorty’s push with 88 at 50bb. He showed up with 99.
Then came the spew, at 37bb. Button limps. I complete with 67o in SB. BB checks his option. Board comes out K high monotone. Thinking I could steal it, I lead. BB calls. Button folds. This led to me firing two more barrels thinking BB was trying to catch the flush. The BB called me down and strangely showed up a set of 8s. That put my stack down till 20bb. Couldn’t salvage it from there. Not happy with the way I played the end stages.
Got a few bounties and min cashed in a turbo KO later.

Played the PG online league (Congrats Arjun for taking it down!), but decided against playing the MicroMillion Main event. Was too tired. The structure was deep with 70K+ players. I would have just dozed off in one of the breaks. Lol.

In the morning, woke up to see Samoh deep in the Bigger 55. Railed him from when around 13/14 players were left. He ICM chopped 3-way for around 30K$. Congrats Sammy once again!!

Looking forward to PGT now and the live training sessions with Adi.

Till next week then.


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Vinay Suchede

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