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week 2

Posted by James Bond on 2013-10-11 at 12:00 AM

so last week i wrote a lot of random stuff and this is a followup with more random stuff. i stopped playing mtts mid week because i was losing a lot and not cashing very many. i ran deep in the big 11 but thats it. my br crashed by almost $300 to $700 and so i couldnt continue playing mtts at the rate i was losing. so i switched to $2.50 180s and started getting results from the 2nd day i started playing them. won one and came 3rd in another with a few min cashes and i was breathing easy again. through all this week and last couple months i’ve been having terrible internet issues and its very hard playing through those. at really crucial times in turbo sngs the internet freezes for a minute or so every so often during my sessions causes me insane tilt and i just have to quit playing or else i will break everything in sight. and i cannot afford to buy a new computer. i will continue to play the 2.5 180s until i have around $2000 then i will switch to $8 180s…this is all so well thought out i’m sure its not gonna work but i give it a shot anyhow. as i said earlier i have mad internet problems that i cant do more than 1 or 2 sessions a day before i lose my mind. im only able to play 15-20 games during those sessions if im lucky. so i will keep trying to put in more volume this week and hope the internet improves. they call. 8 mbps (at its best) broadband in my country….it is sooooo bad. my target is to play at least 50 games a day and then i can get a win or 2 and that will take care of the bankroll. problem is putting in the volumes day after day without getting fed up. i also read seven types of tilt by jared tendler here [url]http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/articles/Seven-Types-of-Tilt[/url]
interesting stuff.

let me know what u guys think about this hand. i think i just got lucky and villain prob had some suited broadway hand and was fishing.

Poker Stars $10+$1 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t600/t1200 Blinds + t150 – 9 players

CO: t18943 M = 6.01
BTN: t19220 M = 6.10
[b]SB: t50638 M = 16.08[/b]
BB: t36008 M = 11.43
UTG: t76069 M = 24.15
UTG+1: t17281 M = 5.49
UTG+2: t15866 M = 5.04
MP1: t104225 M = 33.09
[b]Hero (MP2): t44722 M = 14.20[/b]

[b]Pre Flop:[/b] (t3150) Hero is MP2 with T :club: 8 :club:
[color=red]UTG raises to t2400[/color], [i]3 folds[/i], Hero calls t2400, [i]1 fold[/i], BTN calls t2400, [color=red]SB raises to t8100[/color], [i]1 fold[/i], UTG calls t5700, Hero calls t5700, BTN calls t5700

[b]Flop:[/b] (t34950) 7 :diamond: 8 :spade: 6 :club: [color=#336633](4 players)[/color]
[color=red]SB bets t12200[/color], UTG folds, Hero calls t12200, BTN folds

[b]Turn:[/b] (t59350) 6 :heart: [color=#336633](2 players)[/color]
[color=red]SB bets t16800[/color], [color=red]Hero raises to t24272 all in[/color], SB folds

[b]Final Pot:[/b] t92950
Hero wins t92950

thats it for now.

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James Bond

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