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Week 3 : The un-Nit-ing.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-06-04 at 12:00 AM


Awesome 2 sessions with Adi over the weekend after the long APT gap. Was looking forward to them the entire week. Put in around 6k hands of 6max during the week as per plan to play MTT at weekend.

I have not had much success since I started playing MTT’s last 3 weekends. Cashing only once I think. But currently I am not really looking at my results. My MTT game was nitty and TAG-ish, more on the Harrington line of MTT poker. I am now in the process of [B][COLOR=”blue”]un-nitting[/COLOR][/B] myself.

This process however is landing me in tough spots due to two reasons I think. First is I still don’t have the eye for good spots. Second is if that good spot comes up I am not executing the plan correctly. Also I am not correctly adjusting to the weaker players at these levels. These players don’t like folding hands. They will limp-call, call 3bets, squeezes with absolute junk and flop-mine [I](a term just learnt from Adi)[/I]. Hitting middle-bottom pair / weak-ish draw is enough incentive for them to absorb multiple barrels even if they constitute half of their stack. But they are not completely passive as well. They will absorb barrels and at any sign of weakness will jam their stacks. It’s very easy to get full value when you have the goods.
I have a posted a few hands on the forum where I have got into trouble. Will love to have your views if you have not given them already.

Below the tourneys I played during the weekend and the pivotal losing hands:

[B]2.7 KO turbo: [/B]

25bb at 150-300 utg A/K I 2.2x it. Player from MP, similar stack calls with 9/10o, bb with stack of 6bb calls with 5/5. Flop 994. I c-bet 1/3. MP call. BB allin. I call MP call. Turn ck ck. River MP jams. I fold.

Now with 17bb, on button I have Q10s. CO and HJ limp. I jam. BB calls with AJ. CO calls with AQ. That’s the end of that.

[B]2.2 turbo:[/B]

Lose a flip at 100-200, with 33bb stack, AK v QQ.

[B]1.35 KO turbo:[/B]

At 100-200, with 15bb in sb, I jam with JQs over 3 MP limpers. 1st limper 22bb calls with KJs.

[B]1.1 6max:[/B]

at 60-120, 75bb eff stack raise a limper with 99 from sb. Fire two barrels on A38/K board and shut down. He had A2o.

terribly played hand at 75-150, 50bb eff, raise a limper with A2s, who min-3bets. I call. Flop AK10 (2tone). Limper checks. I check. Turn 7. Limper checks. I bet. He 3x raises. I 3bet it (don’t know why pff). He jams. I call. He shows 77 for a turned set.

I still have 15bb left after this hand. I win a couple of pots and am at 23bb when the AJs hand happened. Posted in the forums.

[B]Hotter 2.2[/B]

67o at 75-150 on the button (57bb), squeeze 2 limpers both call, flop K48, limper 1 ck-raise shoves my c-bet. I fold.

At 300-600 have 12bb, jam A5o on a MP limper from bb. He calls with JJ.

[B]Hotter 3.3[/B]

75-150, have AQo on button with 75bb. 3-bet utg+1’s (30bb) open. BB calls. UTG+1 jams. I call. He shows AKo.

150-300 have 10/6 off in BB with 16bb. MP with 10bb limps. Flop A-10-8. I ck-raise shove his min bet. He calls with A4s

[B]Hotter 4.4[/B]

Hand in the forum. Terri-bad play with AA.

[B]1.1 Regular[/B]

Hand in forum. Open-ender.

Rounded off with the fun [B]PGT online league[/B]. Was doing good till my QQ didn’t hold against Mukesh’s A8. Then10bb jammed with 10-6. Lost against 33.

Today had a great run at the cash games. Put in 1K hands. Recovered all the buyins plus more. Hoping it continues.

[I]As usual will appreciate any comments/suggestions below. Thanks.[/I]


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Vinay Suchede

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