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Week 5: First Final Table of a large field (1$) MTT.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-06-18 at 12:00 AM

Had one session with Adi this week. This session was again more of pre-flop strategy and hand ranges with different stacks.

I am feeling more and more comfortable with my pre-flop strategy. However I reviewed my weekend session right now and I have to say I am still missing out on good 3-bet spots. I am also making some nitty folds with small pairs where I should have 3-bet jammed. Think I am player-profiling too much, giving people tight opening ranges and finding reasons to fold.
On the other hand I am still making spewy moves/squeezes in the early stages with suited connectors (though I have cut back a lot).
Other correction I need to make is reduce the hero-calls. Giving my hand reading skills a bit too much credit I think.

I have posted a few hands on the forum for advice as usual. Do check them out and give your views.

Played quite a few tournaments this weekend. 15 in total over Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Had the longest session of online poker – 13 hours on Sunday. Cashed in 4 of them.
Played in 5.5, 2.7, 3.3, 1.1, 2.2, 2.2, 1.1 (cashed – 165/2931), 3.3, 1.1 (cashed – 5/2699), 4.4, 4.4(cashed – 40/572), 1.1, 1.35 (min-cash), 5.5 (Storm), 1.1 (PGT).

The highlight was the 1.1 where I final-tabled and finished 5th. This was my first final table of a large field MTT (2699 players). It feels good and bad at the same time as I was in decent position to take it down or at least finish top 3. But then made the colossal basic fishy-est of errors. Min-raised a 60% pot lead bet on the river with A3o on a KKTQJ board. Villain jammed and I was committed to call. In fact realized in horror as soon as I pressed the raise button but was too late. Ughh. (There is a huge time-bank in tournaments and I should be taking more time. I have this instinctive reflex due to fast 6-max tables whenever I hear the time bell, I decide and click it either way. No excuses though. It was terri-bad.)

Anyway was a good experience and hopefully there are more on the way. Actually if I put in the work I am sure there will be more on the way thanks to Adi. He is really a catalyst. Already PokerGuru young gun Nitish Gupta has made a couple of huge scores. Yesterday he finished 7th in Bigger 55 for a payday of 5.5K. Another player coached by Adi, Aditya Sushant finished 14th in the Sunday Million for a payday of around 5.5K as well. Prabhat Mukherjea was also deep in couple of tournaments yesterday. We are already aware of the exploits of the PokerGuru Pro team of Sangeeth Mohan, Amit Varma, Kunal Chandra & co. Really happy to be a part of this program and looking forward to the rest of it.

Till next week then. Cheers!

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Vinay Suchede

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