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Week 6: The Turbo difference.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-06-25 at 12:00 AM

One session with Adi last week concentrating on 3-bet pots and board texture. Another door opens into a previously blocked area and some more leaks get plugged.

On the playing front, I was not able to play any 6max this week due to unfortunate passing away of my Grandmom who lost her battle against cancer. Somehow managed to get my head clear on Sunday to play a few tournaments.

Played only 9 of them. The usual hot-turbos along-with some regular ones. I have opted in for Official Poker Rankings result sharing so one can follow my results there as well. PS id “Vinay Suchede”.

Anyway I have noticed I don’t do too well in turbos. Thus came the realization that I am waiting for very nice +EV spots and hands. This is fine in regular tourneys where playing simple ABC poker itself translates into an edge in these micros. But in these hot turbos, it is not good enough. One has to push and gamble more.

I ran deep for the 1st time in one of these hot turbos. Finished 111/5500 something in the 3.3 one. But it seems it was more due to getting the right hands at right time. The end stage of that tourney was terrible. Couple of guys I think started using up their entire time-bank to finish in higher spots. Levels kept jumping and I was suddenly left with 7.5bb with the average stack on the table at around 13-15bb (largest stack was at 24bb). I reviewed the history and there were couple of open spots I gave up on thinking they were too marginal. Have to take them.

Other leaks are still there like sometimes under-betting with value hands rather than maximizing. Another one was an aversion to opening back-to-back hands. In the sense that the second hand I would have opened in isolation but felt it was too marginal to open after a previous uncontested open. Didn’t also take up a couple of squeeze spots. Will try and weed them out this week.

Till next week then.

RIP Daadi.

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Vinay Suchede

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