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Week 8: The Bubble.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-07-09 at 12:00 AM

Calling it that (the bubble) cause played around 9 odd micros (plus PGT online league) on Sunday and finished around bubble (outside cash) in 4 of them. Lost flips, squeeze shoves (sometimes in attempt of trying to take advantage of the bubble). Think I experienced MTT variance in a clump this time.

Just finished reviewing the session. The first two tournaments I played spewy in the early stages and made some mistakes.
Still ran deep and bubbled (not exact bubble – all the bubbles were not exact bubbles but with around 5% players to go before cashing) in the first when my JJ failed to hold up against AQ and then I squeezed with JQo which got limp called by A4o.

Started to focus more after that early stage spewy start.

The rest of the tournaments played ok except a couple of spots. Ran deep and cashed in two of them – 1.1 where I finished like 66/3096 and 4.4 where I finished 50/627.

Hotter 2.2 has to be one of the better tournaments I have played. Had a really good control of the table. (Beast mode as Samoh likes to call it..;-) Ran deep also, but busted again around bubble. (Aces cracked. Hand in the forum)

Hotter 4.4 was running deep when I think I made a marginal shove from UTG+1 with 55 (18bb deep at 500-1000), got called by MP (29bb) with 88.

PGT online tournament was a card dead / spot dead nightmare. Can’t re-collect ever having such a dead zone. Kept myself alive and floating between 10-20bbs somehow. Ultimately busted with A4s against JJ. It was a good tournament otherwise with the 500$ guarantee crushed and some good payouts to be had at the end. Congrats to Shashank for winning it !!

Some interesting hands posted in the forums. Do give your thoughts as usual.

Last week, we had no session (as Adi is in Vegas trying to get us a WSOP bracelet :-), so spent some time reading and watching a couple of vids given by a friend.

As per last week’s blog, I incorporated some donk bets into my game. Both with value hands and as bluffs. Early days but they were often successful. Players seemed to be giving up and not combating them much. Shallow stack donk bets are really difficult to combat. Recommend that you guys try it out as well. Do post and share on how it goes if you do make a conscious effort at trying them out.

Micro Millions starts from this week. Good Luck to all grinding them. There is a singles challenge in the forum if anyone wants to take part in it. They will be a good workout for the upcoming PGT-July. PGT-July is going to be one tough and exciting series. The PGT series in fact is getting increasingly about putting your poker skills to the test. Being rake-free and having that huge POY, it attracts the best MTT-ers out there. Winning against that player field is a real high.

Till next week then.


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Vinay Suchede

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