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Week 9: The Bink!

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-07-16 at 12:00 AM

Praise the Lord! Finally managed to bink a MTT (3.3$, 6-max, 1500+ runners). Feels just awesome. This one’s for you, Daadi!

Had come close a couple of times this month. Had one 5th place and 2nd place finish. But 1st is something else. Though we made a 3-way ICM chop when I was in the lead, the 2nd place guy wanted to fight it out for rankings, satisfaction etc. I don’t know if I would do the chop again though. Don’t know if ICM chops are good. I had 2 million, 2nd had 1.9 million, 3rd had 800K at 10K/20K. So 3rd had like 40BB. Let me know on your feelings on ICM chops. Like when is it good to do them etc? (if at all they are good).

This tournament started out with a big suck-out. First hand, I am in BB with AKcc. MP opens 4x to 80, SB makes it 180, I make it 480. MP folds, SB jams. I don’t think I can fold AKs there. There are too many crap sliders in early stage of a micro. I call and he shows up with AA. I suck out as the board runs out 37KKJ. After a couple of levels, a guy gets cool-ered when his QQ runs into my KK and we both hit a set. This sets me up for the match.

I then keep my stack healthy with lots of pre-flop aggression in the middle stage and late stage. The aggression induces a couple of random spazzes as well from villains. Thought player’s don’t adjust enough to 6-max. I was just reviewing and felt players were too tight pre and I was actually too loose to be honest. But I was getting away un-punished more often than not. I was playing completely exploitable actually and good observant players would have taken me apart. Of course one adjusts to better players, but it doesn’t become that simple any more. Thus even though I have quite a few leaks (known and unknown), I have been having some good results in these micros.

The players are tight pre especially around the bubbles, pay jumps and deeper in the tournaments. Strategies that Adi has been teaching us work in those stages. For those in the program, you may have figured this out already. They start becoming effective when around 25% field is left. This may be different however at higher buy-ins.

I reviewed other tournaments as well. I need to control my c-betting. Prabhat just posted this in one of the hand advice posts (though in that particular hand I feel my flop c-bet was ok). It got me thinking and I was actively looking whether I was doing it too much. Few spots at shorter stacks it was just terrible. Like with 25bb, I open, then c-bet with air on a flop which connects with villain’s range more often than not. Once the villain flats, you are done. Needless piss of 10% stack at a critical time which moves me to the lower stifling M zones.

One thing I have added to my game is sometimes checking the top pair. Been not getting enough value out of my hands. Starting doing some delayed c-bets and it is getting some value. Also it got me an awesome 35bb (effective) double up in another tournament where I finished deep (66/1980). Middle stage, I open 68s MP2, CO flats with J7s. Flop 378r, check check. Turn 8. I 40% pot, he calls. River 7. I again 40% pot. He jams 20bb more into it. Sets me up for a deep run in that one.

Hopefully the run continues online and live again in the PGT-July. Will be having a couple of live sessions with Adi as well during that time.

Big shout out to Adi (can’t thank him enough) and also a Big shout out to active forum posters – Prabhat, Sunny, Sushant, $$Troll, Bhalla, Samoh and others. Thanks a bunch guys!

Till next week.


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Vinay Suchede

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