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Weekend Grind ON!

Posted by Sahil Agarwal on 2013-03-15 at 12:00 AM

Sup guys!!

India has been doing wonders on stars lately… Final Tabling Bigs Hots Sunday Majors Super Tuesday, you name it and you find an Indian there. Awesome feeling to be a part of this Poker community.

With the Daylight saving and tournies starting 1 hr earlier, gives a nice advantage to grind more… Would be easier to wake up on time for Office (I hate to go but have to:). Will be grinding more to reach a personal goal so i can quit my job and play full time. That’s the plan so far but i never know what i’ll have in mind sometime later. But, for now, i seriously want to quit ASAP.

Talking of boring office, say hello to the weekend and full time grind. I am gonna play a lot of tournies today and Sunday evening… Saturday parrrrtttiiieeeeeeee!!! I have decided to play as many tournies i can for BI <$33. Gonna play almost all turbos and all bigs and few other reg speeds. Gonna try satty in the Big 55 and 109. Hope to play them as well. I reallllyyy want to FT a reg speed tournament. It’s been really frustrating to bust in top 50 after such a long grind. I hope i can keep my calm during the last crucial hours and get myself a big win.

Enough talking… Let’s Grind boyzzz..
Watch Out!!

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Sahil Agarwal

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