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WGF – 3rd Place Finish & Aces Unlimited’s Winter Edition

Posted by Rajeev Kanjani on 2011-09-27 at 12:00 AM

Hello Folks,

Its’ been some time, since I last wrote, but, here I am …

I have been playing quite a lot of poker in the recent months, specially cash in the casinos in Goa.

During Aces – Autumn Edition, I didn’t do much in the 1st 3 tourneys, but, my favorite the Bounty tournament, I cashed 2nd, and the winner was Lawrence. In the previous edition also I came 2nd, and in the same situation we split the Bounty Max pool as well …

During Aces, I played lots of Cash, and fortunately, every session was a WIN-WIN, then I returned back to play for PGT, and as always, didn’t do much in the tournaments, but my cash sessions were plus all the way except 1, but, good enough.

Well, as for WGF, I was unsure about my participiting, till the very last moment, I decided what the heck, and I was determined to play some good poker, and worse come to worse, my target was to 1st get my money back in cashes, well, that didn’t really happen … 23rd we reached Goa, with lots of difficulties, as the WGF people goofed up on the tickets, hotels, etc … but, anyway more on that later, I went to the Casino late at night, and had a very successful cash session, made my buy-in 🙂

I played the tournament, and had hardly anything to do, till I reached a point, wherein 40 odd players were left and I made a lucky call, to double up my stack. I had around 15K (Starting Stack), I landed up with AK, I re-raised someone’s 1500, to 5000, and he calls, we see a board of Q2T, I bet 5000, he shoves, I tank, I count my chips I have left with, which was 6000, which really couldn’t help me further, hence, I decided to call, and the turn is a K and river is A. This is where it all started.

I was shifted to another table, wherein, 3rd hand, I got TT’s and on a pre-flop raise re-raise, we went all-in, the opponent had AK. I doubled up. In a couple of hands later, again a similar pre-flop all-in situation I had AA and opponent had TT, and got all his chips, and I was sitting pretty with a 120K stack. After this I hardly made any moves, or had any cards to dominate, and pretty soon, the final table arrived, wherein I was the 5th chip lead.

I doubles up with KK’s in the Final Table, and pretty much after that I bled. It was a Bingo Table, as the Average stack was 5-7 BB’s, nothing much to do but shove-re-shove … I was pretty much sure I would come 4th, but, Bobbe eliminated a very good chipstack guy, and was assured of a 3rd place, where Bobbe took me down on my All-In shove with KT, and he had 77 ….

Anyway, overall very happy with my efforts in WGF, and just hope that if they do an event again, it will much better organized.

Coming to our next – Winter Edition – we again have introduced a new format, called Greed, which was suggested to me by a friend (Prabhat Mukherjea), and I loved it. Basically, there is no prize structure. 10% of the total number of participants will remain, and secretly thru ballots they will decide if the time has come to split. And even if 1 person decides against, it the play continues till every ballot says SPLIT. More details are on our website:- [url]www.acesunlimited.net[/url]

We have modified our Blind Levels and structures to make playing good and fun, take a look at it at our website …

200K for the POY is just 2 events away, and the race is just got hotter …

Registrations are now open on our website …. Do write to us for any clarifications on [email]acesunlimitedindia@gmail.com[/email] ….


Aces Unlimited

Facebook Fanpage:- [url]www.facebook.com/acesunlimitedpoker[/url]

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Rajeev Kanjani

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