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What makes PokerGuru, POKER GURU….

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-04-27 at 12:00 AM

This is not gonna be a strategy blog or information. This is a feel good blog. This one is about PokerGuru. What makes PokerGuru special? Why do people from the PokerGuru take pride in wearing that badge. (I have one on my laptop bag too). This is what I feel it is..

Excellent team spirit: All of us work like a team. We help each other, support each other and learn form each other. We have never had an Ego overburst (I havent seen one) or any kind of friction amongst us. I have worked in many teams through out my Corporate career and I have never seen team spirit like this. Where else can u see one team member screaming and hugging another team member just because he got a promotion. (Chip lead in our case).

Quality of Players: The quality of players in the PG team is insane. They are brilliant in their own way and everyone has something to add to the team. Even if you look at individual players, they have accomplished something either live or online or both.

Learning: This for me has been the key aspect. The learning is immense. Even if you go out for a coffee, the main conversation is poker and you end up learning a play or a concept or two by the time you are done. Like KC, said in his Blog, my entire concept of Poker changed the day I was a part of the team. I know I am a much better player today , thanks to the learning. And the best part, none is scared of sharing knowledge. People usually reserve their best plays for themselves. But here, its way different. Everyone wants you to learn and improve.

Intervention: The walking talking poker encyclopedia.

Thats all for now…. I hope a lot more of you can be a part of PokerGuru in one way or the other and I am sure we are gonna stay there as India best online poker portal..

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Sangeeth Mohan

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