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Where I lay my head is home..

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2012-11-16 at 12:00 AM

Hey Guys, Been long since I blogged although I promised adi that I will be bloggin more often. Sorry bhai… I just got back home from a Longish trip away from home and i feel exhausted. This trip in a way has been a lot of learning to start with. I started off by playing some cash games in Bangalore and then moved to Goa for the GAPL and the PGT (Record Breaking FTW) and then went to Macau for the ACOP (Could have played way better) ad finally back home.

I am gonna break this blog down into diff sections for easy reading.

Bangalore / Goa Cash Games:
I have always thought I can never play cash games. I am so programmed to play tourneys that I just cant find the rhythm in a cash game. I always feel that I am unable to balance out my playing style. In a tournament I can do this effortlessly, from uber nit to uber aggro happens in a flow. I have noticed this myself when I play uber nit on a toughish table and open up immediately when the table breaks and I get moved. This comes naturally to me. But in a cash game I just cant find the balance. I mostly nit it up in cash and I dont quite like it. But this time around I went with a mindset to play good. I thought I played pretty good in Bangalore, although I was stuck in the first 2 days (Cooler situations mostly) I recovered.

When I went to Goa the cash action during GAPL was insane. They had very deep 100-200 running and plenty of action. I must admit that I was intimidated in the beginning because although they call it a 100-200 it plays out like a 200-500 and I dont play a lot of cash games. On one of the days I clocked my first biggest win ever in a live cash game when I made 1.1 l or something. It was a pretty Reg infested table, but to my surprise a lot of cash game regs are very very bad. They have no clue what board textures are , they decide what to do with a hand from the moment they open. For eg: I have AK, I am opening now and irrespective of what happens I am gonna barrel-barrel-ovebet jam river. Thats the way a lot of so called regs approach hands. I played kinda tighish this entire session and was happy the way I played overall.


PGT had record numbers this time. If you wanna play a tourney in Goa it has to be PGT , sick number, rake free and guarantees. I am not really happy with the way I played PGT because I made a couple of mistakes here and there and I think i could have done way better. I hung out with adi a lot . As usual, we discussed a few hands and ate a lot of sick food.#std


ACOP was a last minute plan and I was excited and looking to play this series. To be honest, I could have done way better. I made a few decision which dint workout well . I was not playing bad , but I wasnt playing great poker either. But I learnt a lot this trip. I had Joseph cheong, Monster Dong, ynd! all at my table at some point or the other and watching them play is a learning experience in itself. I worked a lot on my composure this trip. Table composure like adi says is very important. I also found this way to stay outta trouble. As soon as u get talking to one of the sickos at your table, straight up tell him that I am coached and staked by intervntion. The standard reply ,” Intervntion? He is a legend man. “.” He is your Coach” ” He coaches?”. “Yeah he hand picks a few for coaching”.#Subtlebrags.. You suddenly get 3 bet less and most of your opens and 3 bets go through.

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Sangeeth Mohan

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