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Why ?

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-08-28 at 12:00 AM

That is the question I have been asking every time I am making a decision to bet/raise/call/fold. Sounds pretty simple cause a player always has some plan or reasoning in his mind for his actions. But not many players listen and examine the answer they get. Sometimes these answers are absurd and plain ridiculous (of course this is down to the knowledge one has).

But this is what I have been trying of late: I play only two tables and ask myself “why” for every decision I make. Think yourself as an instructor making one of those videos for a training site. You would have to explain your decision to your students or viewers right? Same process. Again sometimes I may not realize but the answers would be absurd and incorrect. That is one of the reasons I have started putting up my live sessions for view by PG group on team-viewer. It’s cause I want someone to ask me why I did something, listen to my answer and see if it makes sense. This is a sort of learning in partnership. If anyone from PG gang is interested we can reverse this as well. Just post the TV number in the group or to me.

2-tabling also helps to delve deeper into the math behind the decision. Every poker problem can be solved by math. Poker is a game of math and estimation. People telling you otherwise say so cause they don’t want to tap the glass. 😉 Actuaries would make the best poker players imo. This week I brushed up some math actually cause I was trying to solve the AQo hand which I silly folded to a 5x open. The 5x open threw me off and at the time I felt I was incorrect to call it. (Hand in the forum).

Results-wise, not played much as I had been busy with work this week, but running bad as usual. Will spare the BB tale. Poker players anyway have to listen to enough of them. Have an out of town trip this week so may not be able to play much again. But good luck to all and specially to the Indian contingent going to Macau and Manila.

Till next week then..

Cheers !!

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Vinay Suchede

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