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Winner – AMANT “@N” Nauhria – Indian Poker Championship – 15K Event ,79 Runners – 3.

Posted by Amant Nauhria on 2011-12-04 at 12:00 AM

What a start to GOA!! This is my first time in Goa ever and within being here for less than 12 hours, I had won 15K side event of the IPC series. I was never even thinking of playing the tournament till “Sammoh” mentioned he was going to play for sure. I late registered the tournament around 10PM at blinds 100/200 Ante 25 and received 8500 as the starting stack. Thanks “Sammoh” for sorting my buy-in. I sat down and lost a couple of hands raising pre-flop and then making C-bets only to get called. So, In the first 15 mins, I was down to 5800. Not a lot to worry but I re paced my self and used information from the loosing hands to get ahead. Not long later I got a few decent hands and won couple of 2K-3K pots and I had about 15K in about an hour into the tournament. I was picking my spots carefully, used the loose image I had gained by being part of the action a lot in the first hour of the tournament. I managed to pick another couple good hands when the other person was trying to make a move. I guess I got a lot lucky in the tournament considering Woke up with AAs twice KKs and QQs in the blinds a e few times throught the tournament. Most of the cards played themselves out and I managed to maintain and chip my stack right the way through by stealing blinds and calling in position.

Final Table was pretty sick, one of the craziest and toughest I have played so far. I entered the final table as a chip leader very close to second. Everyone else was medium to short stack. I managed to mainatain the chip lead all the way through to 3 players remaining. Most played tight and I tried to be part of most action. The 2nd chip leader avoided me in most pots and I took as much advantage as possible. Because I was raising often, I did get caught with making value calls when a short stack shoves on my standard stealing raise. I doubled Manisha Lamba (finshed 4th) 4-5 times and Anish Dedia (runner-up) 4-5 times. After knocking most of he table out we were down to 3. Anish climbed up to chip leader before we went for a final break. Soon after being back, I had given to beats knocking both players out one by one when I was behind both times when the money went all in. Yay!! VERY LUCKY!! But again you have to get lucky to win tourneys. I believe it was a grat run of cards with some good quality poker. Nevertheless, I enjoyed a lot playing my first time in GOA and winning my first major event.

I would like to thank PokerGuru team – Adi, Sammoh, Polly & Bhalla for showing me the best part of GOA. I have literally fallen into the deep end of poker hub of GOA and I am absolutely loving it. I have been made like I am at home but just a little better. I hope being part of this group, I am not only going to improve my game but gain a few life time friends.

After I had an early exit from the 30K IPC Main-Event yesterday I played a little bit of cash game. I had the best ever cash game session. Now, with a few wins under my belt I am looking forward to the PokerGuru Tour – PGT first ever season. The best part is that these tournaments are RAKE FREE!!

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Amant Nauhria

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