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With love from Manila – Part 1- Binkaments

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2012-09-22 at 12:00 AM

Finally got the first bink outside India and what a feeling. After endless number of trips and final tables, I finally binked a tournament. I was starting to feel that I have forgotten how to finish tournaments till today. I was totally in the zone, Playing rock solid, Taking good spots and was playing good overall.

I was playing pretty nitty early where I just played one hand. A bad peel with J9dd on the sb when Brian Huang opened. It was a mutli way pot and I check folded. I still have this leak in my game which I need to fix.

As soon as I got moved tables in level 3. I picked up QQ UTG. I opened and a pretty good player who also final tables flatted on the button. I bet on an 8 high flop and check raised a blank turn and won that pot. The table snap broke and I got moved to a pretty fishy table.

First hand I 3 bet a very average players cut off raise with Q5dd and 3 bet shoved on a 694dd flop to win it. (Loads of FE obviously). Next up on the button I opened Q8cc and got flatted both the blinds.Flop was 8 high and I checked back and got 2 streets of value from the SB.

After this level I busted a player on this table and the table broke. I got moved to another table which was kinda tough. I Played tight here for the most part because there was this mad Russian dude waiting to shit on me. Just once, I 4 bet shoved on him light and that was it.

I went to the final table with a pretty big stack and had to nit it up early on because the white guy (who i played the QQ hand with) was going mad aggro. I knew I had to stop opening and look for good 3 bet spots to get chips which was exactly what I did.

I was pretty happy with the way I played this event just because I think I used every strategy Adi has taught me to use. Pacing your game especially.

Thats all for now.. more soon..

Till the next time .. Run Good.

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Sangeeth Mohan

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