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Work hard, Dream Big

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2013-10-30 at 12:00 AM

Been continuing to work on my game, this involves watching videos, hand histories, going over forums and very importantly reviewing my own game. Every tourney I feel that I could have done better, I pull up the hh immediately after I bust (at times in middle of the session) and go over it. While going over a hh I try and pay attention to whats working and whats not. I have also been saving hands during my session on a notepad, pretty much any hand I hv a doubt on. Also been trying to pay attn to what areas of my game I can improve, at times I hv been opening too wide, or 3b a lot or reshoving way too wide, whatever part of my game I feel its not working I try and improve on it before the next session.

I am in complete lockdown mode and will be working/grinding very hard whole of Nov/Dec, screw balancing life. There are 3 marriages I need to attend in Nov but beside that I hv no other obligations as of now. Besides Monday I should be putting in lot of Volume (will play as much as I feel like it, somedays long session and somedays short, but not gonna be missing a day). Right now a full weekday schedule amounts to around 1200 in buyins and Sat/Sun combined is around 7k, so its around 10k-12k in buyins each week. I am still shying away from some of the more reggy higher buyins, but I should be in there before the mnth end. Its bit of a boring period of online grinding with no big series/promotion being held, but again, I look at it as an opportunity to get wayy better before the next big series.

I turned 29th on Saturday and got my bday gift day later, choppin 100r on stars for 47k and 6th in T-rex for another 5500, was a nice 50k winning day and was long due. I have decided to keep my table count less (been skipping all the small turbos and stuff) and focus on majors on Sundays, I never had more than 9 tables last Sunday and that definitely helped me not make mistakes, which is very crucial when deep, guess I am not so good at mass multi-tabling anymore :

So yep thats about it, will be updating weekly on how the grind is going

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Aditya Agarwal

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