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Work in Progress

Posted by Laveena Belani on 2012-09-10 at 12:00 AM

It feels like a productive week since the implementation of the work plan. Its surprising how working in the right direction can stimulate your level of curiosity even further. Came up with so many questions for the PGMP …. made for a pretty good discussion. Hoping to learn from every bit of activity on the remaining program.

Had a pretty decent run in Bigger 16.5 last week … finished 71st … felt quite a feat personally … esp after being down to 5bbs after the internet conked off when 600 players remained !!! Realized once again how important it is to religously follow the mathematics of poker to be able to see any results… at least sustainable ones.

Meanwhile, have been trying to balance mtts n sngs to sustain my roll … hopefully will be able to climb up the stakes by next month.

Wish myself luck …

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Laveena Belani

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