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Work Lazily – Party Hard.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2013-04-17 at 12:00 AM

After a haphazardly played poker in March where I played everything from 10-game to rush plo to irish poker to zoom nl, I decided to have a planned poker month and see if I could do it at least till the Bangkok-Macau trip which starts today. The plan was to play zoom entire month and put loads of hands. Basically plan was to give it 4-5 hours daily by playing 700-1K hands a day + 1 video a day + 1 hour 2p2/hem browsing/reviewing + 1 MTT session per week. The plan sounds really good and implementation would have been sweet. But I am stuck with 7K hands in 17 days, only one short MTT session and 2 Janda videos which I had to pause-playback several times cause they were so intense and mentally exhausting. The 2p2 browsing was spent more in NVG sections rather than in any strategy sections. So let’s procrastinate, gift ourselves a vacation for all the hard work done in April :p (lol) and make another promise to do this in May.

I had initially decided to go to Manila along with the Indian contingent but like most have changed the plan to go to Macau. Thailand is on the way and I never miss an opportunity to visit the Land of Smiles. So it will be a few days in Bangkok before Macau. It will be a short trip to Macau (only 5 nights) as I don’t intend to play the whole plethora of events. Since PokerStars Live Macau have confirmed they will be having low limit cash games, I would be much more interested in playing those. I have already visited Macau in 2009 when the PokerStars room was in Grand Lisboa. A very professionally run room with decent rake caps even at 10/20 HKD limits. In fact this was my first live experience playing poker in a Casino. There is little else to do in Macau really except poker and indulging in the delights of the famed saunas and the night life. I had chickened out of bungee jumping the Macau Tower last time. Building up motivation to do it this time. Check this space for updates etc.


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Vinay Suchede

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