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WSOP Main Event

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-07-08 at 12:00 AM

I busted the 5k NLH event early on day 2 when I lost 88 vs AJ for 50k at 500-1k. I played the 1500 event after tht where I lost a 22k pot 100-200 with KK vs JJ and then busted KK vs q9cc allin pre for another 6k pot. This means I have only the main event left, I was going to play today but decided to play Saturday, unless I dont get good sleep I will play tomorrow for sure. Most of the people from the house are playing tomorrow as well, we had a 20th and 12th place finish from the house in last 1k so there has been decent success for the house overall this summer with some other few scores before I got there, but this is the big one and it seems like the field will be 5,000+ despite the black Friday events. I will update as much as possible, this yr I am not playing just for myself but for the entire PokerGuru community and will try my best to make everyone proud.

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Aditya Agarwal

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