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Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2013-07-06 at 12:00 AM

It was pretty brutal and tiring gettin here to Vegas, this year I traveled alone as well, which definitely made the journey even more tiring. I got here on Tuesday nite and was able to meet up with the Indian contingent. Everyone is staying at the rio itself which makes it convenient for all of us to hang out together whenever we are done. People who are here from the regular Goa scene are arjun pasricha, abhishek goindi, kavin shah, samay parikh, sailesh lohia, sanjay lawrence, akash malik, amit “come on” jain, pulkit kalia, Acepoker9 (maruti), rahul raju,rahul melwani, praz corea, sumit asrani and apoorv goel. Everyone will be playing the main event in the next cpl days. Akash Malik has been most consistent so far making several deep runs while Raju was super close to the bracelet in the 2500 being 2/23 going into day 3 but busted early in day 3. He is again deep in the lil one drop and has 200k at 5-10k with 67 left.

My first event was the 1k on Monday, I was pretty jet lagged but I still went and played, nothing much happened and I was card dead pretty much entire day before loosing AJ vs 99 to bust, I cud hv re-entered but was feeling out of it and decided to get some rest and fire away on day 1b.
1b was much better and I was able to stack upto 10k and was feelin good, table was real soft and people were playing very weak for most part. After late reg ended I lost a huge pot at 100-200, I opened to 400 ep, good aggro players makes it 900, shortstack on btn who had joined our table after the registration closed and had been actively shoving his shortstack shoves 4100 or so, I rejammed JJ and get snapped by the 3bettors AA, btn has AK. Flop is J high but he rivers a clean one outer Ace to win the 26k pot and bust me, I mean I did get it in bad so its w/e.

Friday was the last 1500 wsop prelim and it ended getting 2500 people.

Key pots from the day which I remember:

50-100: I open TJdd to 225 utg (I hv 8k to start the hand, villain covers). Get 2 callers in ep, flop is A T 2 1d, I bet 500 get one caller, turn is 7d i check call 850, river is Jh I check call 2250 loose to A2hh

75-150: I open KK to 300 on 3k stack, 2 shortstacks move allin with 44 and JJ, I hold and chip upto 8k

75-150: I win KK vs AA of 12bbs stack allin pre

75-150: Young girl opens CO to 350, sb old str8forward weak guy calls, I call bb with Q8cc. Flop Ah Ts 8s, I leed 725 only the girl calls. Turn Tc I check call 900, river brick goes check check I win

150-300: I open 73cc on btn to 600, bb weak player calls. FLop A 3 5dd he check calls 500, turn 8 check check, river 3 he leeds for 2200 I make it 6100 he folds

150-300: Utg opens to 700, 2 people call MP, I call with 14k in sb with TT. 4 ways to the flop, Ac 7d 9h, gets checked around, turn is Tc i leed 1600, original raiser calls, good young asain player calls on btn, river is Kc gets checked around, original raiser shows AA and wins

200-400: I open 88 to 800 late position, young aggro guy calls btn and bb calls. Flop 9 J 3 i check call 900, turn is 2 i check call 1750, river is T goes check check and I loose to JQ

200-400: I open KcKs utg to 800, same young kid calls and btn calls. Flop Qh Ts 7s, I check call 1200 from the young kid, turn is 3 I check call 1650, river is 6d i check call 3600 and beat his AQ

300-600: I open KT on btn to 1200, bb fish calls. Flop A K 9 goes check check, turn is T guy check calls 1125, river is T he check calls 4800 and mucks

400-800: I open 7Tdd to 1600 (35k eff, I had 50k), young kid makes it 3600, i make it 7100 he makes 10,500 I put him, he snaps with JJ and holds, I am down to 15k

500-1000: Old guy shoves 4bbs I iso with my 14bbs stack with A6hh, I loose to his A9
500-1000: I open shove QTo with 9200 and loose to AJ

I had 50k with 70 mins left in the day at 400-800 and then lost that huge pot. Even though just bubbled making it to day 2 and money I was pretty happy getting in 10 hrs of playing (I survived 10 lvls), playing main event on Sunday, seems lot of us will be playing 1b, will update on how things go.

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Aditya Agarwal

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