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Posted by 4better on 2013-05-30 at 12:00 AM

So after a long journey I’m finally in Vegas. Signed. Up to the 1000 wsop event 3a and I lasted a cool 33mins.*
Blinds 25/25
3 limpers I have A9o in the bb I check. Flop A97ss. I check old man bets 75 everyone calls I raise to 350 old man calls everyone else folds. Turn is a 3 clubs. Double flush draw is out. I bet 525 he shoves for 800 more I call he has 810cc and blinks a club in river.*

Next orbit same thing 3 limpers I’m on sb with 22 I check. Flop A27cc. I check raise after same thing happens and get it all in with some guy holding 78cc. Club on river. Was def gonna rebuy for 3b which starts at 5pm but that’s 5 hrs away and have no weed to smoke to pass time so off to venetian 400. *Need to practice sitting and waiting.

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