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Year end blog

Posted by JAIDEEP on 2013-12-25 at 12:00 AM

This particular month has been totally different for me poker wise. Live games have totally dried up cause of exams and vacations. I took joined a stake house which pretty much meant the end of playing cash online. Major reason being I had been long looking for a coach to help me in MTT’s. This staking meant I would be getting coached alongside the stake.

Things seemed to click instantly and am doing decent till now (jinxed it…down 60 of my abi :P). No 4-5 digit score but grinding small field tourneys only. Finally was able to win my first MTT online. Did that take ages or what? A small 4$ 8max tourney with 480 UT, which made he even more satisfied that my few bigger scores before. Made a decent number of FT’s all sites combined but small sized meant only 2-3 were noticeable being 11$ 7.5k GTD , 11$ 6max 5k T and a 5$ 6max hyper.

Took my stake on 28th last month and have been pretty much at it every day since. Have learned a lot in what has been 2 sessions with my coach, but when you’re in a group which is always talking poker u pick up things without even noticing. Don’t have much else to say just wanted to put my last blog down for the year.

CASH 400$

So while I took the challenge to convert 100$ to 100k u can pretty see that I was only able to complete 5% of my goal. Combine this with what I made my investors we would probably looking at total profits for the year being around 10k .Ouch that hurt a bit writing LOL.

Acoimbra the POKERSTARS team pro from whom the idea of doing the challenge is around 70k for the year and made a deep run in the 2k WCOOP challenger ME.

So this is where I end my BR challenge. Have some sick grind ahead of me and probably the way am running a good downswing too 😛 .GL to all, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year :D.

Ahhh almost got myself a good Christmas gift writing this blog and 1 tabling a 5$ 6 max hyper tourney but wasn’t meant to be :P. #nojustice #inthisworld

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