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Year in Review, plans for next year

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2014-12-27 at 12:00 AM

Since coming back from Macau, I started playing some live cash and did decently well and that has kept me busy last few weeks. I actually went to Sikkim Mahjong Casino last week as well to play some live cash. I haven’t really gotten much time to play online except for an occasional Sunday, but I have been missing online terribly and am looking forward to getting back into full grind soon.
Poker has been lot of fun recently, one of the biggest difference between cash games and tournaments is the variance, playing soft live cash has taken my confidence to new level, over last 6 weeks dont think I have had a loosing a week, which is very different than what I am generally used to.

This year was a busy one and overall I am pretty satisfied with how I did. I played all of the big series online and did decently well without getting any major big scores, was pretty much a grind. For live poker tournament I made 3 trips to Macau, 2 trips to US and EPT London. Busting 16th, 30th and 35th in big field major tournaments is pretty frustrating, but I did ended up profiting overall, so its arite, live tournaments are pretty expensive considering the traveling cost from India and other expenses, so making money in them is always good.

Right now I am booked for Australia from Jan 16-Feb 3rd for Aussie Millions, followed by MPC in Macau in Feb end for which we will have the biggest Indian contingent ever in Macau so do plan to come out and join the crew. Lot of players from Kolkata are going to be making their first trip to Macau along with all the other tournament regs from India. MPC tournament buyins fits in perfectly with Indian poker market at present as well. Besides these two live trips, plan is to play live cash and grind as much as possible online (got to keep my tournament game sharp). I will be playing the next big tournament that is held in India, as long as I am in the country, its been quite a while since I met up with the Indian poker community and I do miss the good old Goa tournament days. I did try to go for the TILT series in Bangalore but ended up going to Sikkim. Its good to see the tournament scene getting revived in India and I do hope we have big series sometime soon even if it is with 30% TDS.

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Aditya Agarwal

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