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Posted by Jayjit Ray on 2019-08-16 at 6:40 PM
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Hi all, I will start with where I left off in my last blog. I was very disappointed at not being able to make it to this year’s World Series of Poker. I was so excited and had prepared extensively for it.

The disappointment did last for a week or so. But then our Indian team did awesome at this World Series, and that has motivated me to focus on my goal to make it to the next WSOP.

I have mostly been grinding online and studying. I played the entire IOPC and had some decent results. I won the Sunday Superstack and also came 9th in the Super HighRoller after winning two satty tickets to the Super High Roller. So I freerolled that event.

I played all events at the Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) last month. The kickoff event did not go well for me and then I registered to the Bounty tournament. In this tournament, each bounty was worth ₹10,000 each. So I went hard after those and eventually collected 12 bounties. While being at it, I reached the final table with a considerable chip lead, which was the softest. But I could not finish the tournament after it came down to 3 way. I lost a couple of flips and came 3rd.

As I went deep in the bounty tournament, I could not do much in the HR as I regged that on Day 2 on the last level of late registration.

Immediately after busting the HR, I regged into the Main Event. Flight 1A, I busted on the last level of play, and I busted during the early stages of Flight B. I made a strong comeback in Flight C and bagged the 4th largest stack going into Day 2. On Day 2 of the main event, I was cruising at one point but after some time had a poor run and ended up barely crossing the money and min cashed.

After DPT ended, I immediately got back onto the online grind, and the last ten days have touchwood, been really good for me. I won 5 tournaments which include back-to-back Head-Hunter wins along with an Elite title. I did well in some other tournaments as well. Since DPT got over, I have been studying a lot and putting up a lot of volume. I guess that has been the key behind this trailblazing run and at the same time, I must credit the good run that has been on my side.

Right now, the plan is to obviously grind online and study more and try and play live international tournaments as well. I am travelling for WPT Vietnam next month. So I hope to do well there. So see u next time guys…hopefully with a similar blog 🙂

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2 years ago

Congrats on the scores Jayjit.
Which course/site do you use for studying the game?
Is there any considerable difference in studying for Live play & online?

2 years ago

It was a great learning session for me playing with you on FT Jayjit.
Look forward to play more with you and learn in the process.

Jayjit Ray

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