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Building a roll Online

Posted by Jagdeep Singh on 2012-07-10 at 12:00 AM

I do not really have a BR online so I started with 200$ and I am trying to make roll thr.
I am currently playing 2.5 – 4$ 90-180 players SNGs on PS majorly because of two reasons:
1. Want to apply all the concepts taught by Adi without investing too much money in learning
2. I feel SNGs are a good way to make a quick bankroll before I progress to play large field tourneys which will require bigger roll due to larger variance.

I am also currently focusing on regular tourneys only as I m not too comfortable in playing turbo and hyper-turbo tourneys. I think its just a comfort level issue more than anything else as I have always played regular tourneys.
One thing good about regular ones is that you have lot of time to build a stack and it does not really become a shovefest!!

Though this coming week, I am going to try and get acclimatized to some turbo and hyper turbo tourneys too.

Playing the 4$ 180 player SNGs yesterday, I felt i was making a lot of mistakes. I was chip leader in three of these SNGs during the middle stages, and did not win big in any of them. There are some obvious flaws in my “middle-stage” play which needs to taken care of. I am going to post hands on the hand advice forum. Hopefully I can figure out the weakness.


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Jagdeep Singh

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