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burn out

Posted by 4better on 2012-11-15 at 12:00 AM

so i have my whole bankroll stuck on stars since my milly final table. long story short my address is a UK one since i made it in college (and tax reasons. UK passport = best rake back deal possible since u pay no taxes on winnings) so until i go back and give a copy of bank statement they not letting me withdraw which I’m cool with but not allowing me play aas well…low-blow

all this happened to me after i did a 5 month live grind around the world (including the WSOP and one EPT /endbrag) and to be honest i was burnt out. first time since i started playing that this has ever happened to me. i didn’t care that i had been blocked. so i came back to India and chilled with my boys, went travelling a bit and just did everything that didn’t involve poker. infact i didn’t think about poker once except during the scoops but w/e I’m a donk in tourneys anyway so its all good.

then came the pgt (only series i bother with cause of numbers/norake….dont think this needs repeating). played the main and high roller and played bad/ran worse, the killer combo. but that didn’t bother me as much as the fact that there was a high stakes cash game running at pride which i normally take a shot at and heard there was a HUUUGE fish but since i had no cash so i couldn’t play. and now Diwali season has just passed in which again i played NOTHING. Not one card game i’ve played in the last month which I’m sure during Diwali is hugely negative ev for anyone semi decent in cash games considering how many drunks are at the game by the end of it….so why? why have i gone through all this when i easily could have borrowed some cash and played and built a small bankroll again? because for the first time in my poker life i have a goal and thats to win a WSOP bracelet. lol wait isn’t that ever poker players dream from day 1? well yeah but I’m actually going to something about it this time instead of keep dreaming. To do that I’m taking steps to best improve my chances of winning a bracelet and nothing else. yes i may make more money from now till the end of the year if i focus only on cash. but after the chance of joining pgmp and learning from adi i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to improve my tourney game by minimum ten-fold. so for the next few months I’m going to soak it all in. the young grasshopper learning the tricks of the trade.

In the last few weeks I’ve been itching to play poker. which is a good think considering 3 months ago i couldn’t sit through an hour at the table without getting bored. For once i will have a proper bankroll online which should be sorted out when i go to london next (feb) which coincides with pgmp 2 ending so ill be ready to put in volume at beast mode. my plan is to grind feb-may and put in huge volume. hopefully by the end of this ill still have cash left and not lost it all and then head to vegas with a bigger bankroll then i went with last year and thanks to pgmp a whole lot more of confidence and skill.

also my future blogs from now on will prob contain little poker since i am on a poker sabbatical. just random degen stuff

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