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Bustod WSOP Main Event

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2012-07-12 at 12:00 AM

Dream’s over and like every year I have to wait whole another year for another shot at the biggest glory in poker.

My Day 2 starting table was again toughish for day 2. Daniel Alei was to my left and started the day with 85k, he pretty much opened, 3 bet or flatted all hands for the first 3 orbits, he was in beast mode. He ran bad though and was down to 35k but was still going balls out. I was playing relatively tight since I had a real good player (Jordan, one of the US online players who has move to thailand to grind) to my left, Daniel Alei to his left and a super lag good UK player to his left, everyone else was a scrub though but again I had the worst seat draw on the table. I won a few pots early against the weaker players on my table and was upto 50-55k, I did loose a pot when I cbet a kk2 flop and 3b after being c/r and folded to his 4b so my image was not really nitty, even though I was opening very tight due to table dyanamics. I opened CO to 1300 at 300-600, Alei made it 3100 on btn, I make it 7600 and he shipped 32k with k4ss against my AQ, I held to chip upto 85k early and bust him. I was able to make few light 3bets and even got a light cold 4 bet in to chip upto 105k before I lost a pot with 36cc on 45TJ flop where I check raised/folded turn to 3b. Our table broke and my new table was insane, I had one guy literally running like Darvin Moon, the 1 hr I was there he showed down QQ KK AA 6 times and str8 and flushes every other hand he played. It was pretty absurd and I had John Phan who doesn’t fold anything to my left. That table broke shortly though and then I got moved to relatively calmer table where I hung around 90k, only good player on this table was Mercier who was playing pretty tightish. Unfortunately, this table broke too and I got moved to another table with bunch of good euros. Hijack young looking euro opened to 2500 at 600-1200 (200), I make it 6600 on btn with AKcc, he makes it 12,200 I make it 20,200 and he rips 65k with AA, I obv snap and am pretty much drawing dead on the flop. After that I grind my 20bbs for a bit before shoving A9dd over a limper, only to have someone with TT call from behind and that was that.

I am flying out on the 16th and will be in Goa for PGT. Really looking forward to meeting everyone from the mentorship program and our members, see you guys in Goa and thanks a lot for all the support and rail, really appreciate it. You guys definitely motivate me to play my best knowing everyone is rooting for me.

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Aditya Agarwal

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