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Change in plans for PokerGuru Tour trip

Posted by Abhishek Kedia on 2012-01-25 at 12:00 AM

I had earlier posted about my plans to play the satellites only. But on second thoughts that does not seem a very promising prospect. I have instead added 500 more to my poker money and have decided to play the 5k Freezeout instead. I am super anxious to meet and play with Intervntion, Donkab0mber, Samoh..and most of all Raman Gujral (Looking for redemption for the Christmas Bounty). Well my trip is causing me to live frugally enough to not be able to afford decent lunches (lunch budget ₹50), having to say no to movies, booze cos I just cant afford it anymore. Something says its all going to be worth it. I am willing to take the risk. My mid terms finish on 8th. My college is 2 hrs away from home and the train station is 1 hour away in opposite directions. So that essentially gives me just enough time to run home from an exam (not be tilted), pick up my bag, grab a bite and run to the station. Only poker can make me do this. All this effort will be such a waste if I dont make some money. This promises to be an adventure. My second live tournament. First time investing my own money. Budget of 500 per day on food and local travel.

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Abhishek Kedia

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