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Changing Destinies One Step at a Time

Posted by Karan Gandhi on 2019-11-24 at 1:45 PM
Karan Gandhi

Hi PokerGuru readers, it’s a hectic time for us at Poker Dangal and truth be told, quite nerve wracking as we finally will be testing the waters for something that was on our minds since a long time.

The industry is evolving everyday and we realise that we are a small brand when it comes to tournaments. Though we have been able to pump up a lot of cash action but in terms of tournament action, we were slow. So we designed the Destiny Changer with an aim to award ₹10 Lakhs to the winner.

We wanted to name it Journey to a Million initially but then we decided to call it the Destiny Changer with the tagline – Journey to a Million. The journey actually begins at ZERO cost as we hosted free satellites for players to qualify into the event. We had also initiated the concept of Dangal Value Series for which I think we were the first ones to initiate such a concept which offers maximum value to players.

The aim was to start hosting bigger guarantee tournaments and we were waiting for a few software changes as well which we got done recently. We received a lot of player feedback and once these changes were incorporated, we thought about hosting a bigger guarantee event and the idea was always to give the maximum value. Hence we decided to do this and keep the uptop very heavy. We tried to put a lot of effort into designing the structure of the event and even the satellites schedule and it has been successful so far. You keep learning everyday though.

I am still expecting a 100 player overlay but I believe in giving back to the industry so we will be happy to take the hit even if we don’t meet the guarantee. And since it’s our first time attempting at such an event, I am convinced that we will have an overlay which is completely fine.

We will obviously keep hosting these events frequently. The idea is to increase the guarantee with every edition and all the upcoming editions will be bigger than this for sure. This guaranteed prize pool point is something we are doing to test the waters with to be honest and to analyse the overall reaction of the community.

Just for clarity, we did the same with DVS as well. We started the series with a ₹30 Lakhs guarantee and by the time we hosted it’s 5-6th edition, the guarantee was ₹50 Lakhs. So definitely I can promise that the players can expect a ₹1 Crore GTD event on Poker Dangal in the near future.

At the same time, I also believe that the bigger guaranteed events are catered to a very limited number of players. As an operator, I know if I host a ₹1 Crore GTD event with a price tag of ₹11,000; players will definitely come but we want to take the sport more to the masses.

Our audience growth has been organic till now and we will aim to cater to everyone by giving out the best value. So I am very happy in hosting a ₹5 Lakhs GTD event but with a ₹550 price point. I believe this event will attract both an industry regular and an amateur alike and we will see both these set of players coming together to play the event.

At Dangal, we believe in offering more value rather than more guarantees. So we will keep increasing the guarantees but offer higher value each time as well. We aim to provide the best value to our players. Either we won’t do those unrealistic guarantees or if we do, we will always try and provide the best value.

We’ll make sure that the players don’t think that the buy-in of the event is higher or not valuable enough in comparison to the guarantee.

We now plan to host the next big Dangal Value Series in December or January. We are also soon bringing out a new variant where the winner of a hand will deal the next hand. It will be called ‘Win the Button’ and we expect to deploy it’s soft launch in the next 15 days by hosting a ‘Win the Button’ tournament.

So this is what was on my mind for now. Here’s wishing everyone the very best for the Destiny Changer and may it change a few. #AbDangalHoga

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Karan Gandhi

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