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Decent start to MPC campaign

Posted by ilovefls on 2012-09-11 at 12:00 AM

Played my 1st event at the Macau Poker Cup last night, the 5k knockout bounty event with 500k guarantee. I registered late for the event as I landed in Macau only about an hour before start time so missed the 1st level and some part of the 2nd.
The event had 115 runners and it was smooth sailing for the most part as I chipped up early on with my KK holding against a Chinese guy’s QQ. The hand played out quite interestingly though, as a 3rd player had intended to raise but did not realize that blinds had gone up to 100/200 and ended up raising to 325 , which was deemed as a call. The gentleman with QQ then opened to 1200 and I flatted in position. Everyone else got out of the way and we saw a flop of JJT where I again flat called his pot size bet. He got it in on the turn, which was a brick, and I called again.
I lost a crucial hand with AQ against KQ at an important stage and became short-stacked but then got back through a double up from Bryan Huang when I held AK against his 99 in a pre flop all in.
We resume day 2 with 13 players, all in the money! I have 3 bounties and a shortish stack of about 13 BB do will try for an early double up and hope I run good!

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