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DONRAJA creates Chaos…. This time off the table… Part -1

Posted by Bharat Naidu on 2014-02-26 at 12:00 AM

There has been lot of developments over the week… Some good n Some bad. I would divide my blog into 2 parts, namely Destructive and Constructive…

I say “Destructive”… Cause we all know why PPA was created. To some new comers, let me give a refresher…

It all started with Bobbe Suri starting a small group called “Poker Buddies”, to which he invited all the known faces in poker and soon it swelled to a decent number. For unknown reasons the group was transferred to IPC head Daniel Helmuth and then it was more IPC promotional activities there. Subsequently Vinay Suchede, floated a new group called PPA & knowing his honesty and integrity, the whole poker community supported his cause and soon it swelled on to become a very large group with the intent of betterment of the poker community in India.

But later, Vinay decided to step down on moral grounds or rather he was pushed out, by power hungry personalities who had ambitions of world dominance. Which I personally along with many regulars believe was uncalled for. The story goes that, Vinay was accused by IPC that he is a Poker Guru stooge. I can vouch for vinay’s integrity and unbiased behaviour. But this was the exact support which he was expecting from his fellow admins and I don’t think he was supported the way he was expecting and the whole purpose of having a mutually understanding community was defeated.

Lately, it’s been a more hypocrite approach by the admins of PPA, few issues we had with their policies :-

• Freedom of Speech, I know some people those who are even scared to speak in PPA, from the fear of getting banned!! We don’t need watchdogs, i am sure our government is doing a better job there.

• Admin’s just being biased to people they favour, defeats the purpose of having a neutral forum.

• Being trigger happy, Offlate admins are just so happy in banning people without any rationale or explanation. They think, they are God’s greatest gift to poker community.

• Recently, a Poker regular RG Pkrplr was banned.. For a prank I played on him and Vinay Suchede by calling them Jasoos (spy) and provocation leaders. Are they so shallow?? Say if tomorrow I make a PPA admin, a admin of IPPA(without his consent). Will they ban him too??

• Uday Patil the revolutionary, who started it all. I don’t exactly know what transpired… But surely was nasty, some maturity was expected in this case too.

• What is the motive of the group?? World supremacy or Individuals ego?? Don’t see betterment of poker in any of the decisions made so far. Having 3 different forums to discuss poker?? Who comes up with such idea? Tomorrow they will make sub forums for Booming too?? Bad booming, good booming, micro stake booming, etc

• What about the general agenda of helping grow the awareness of poker and encouraging new talent?

It used to be a forum which I checked many times, every day. Now it has become meaningless and just some cut copy paste jobs from poker portals. R.I.P.

Please feel free to join & invite your friends [URL=”https://www.facebook.com/groups/IPPA.OFFICIAL/”]https://www.facebook.com/groups/IPPA.OFFICIAL/[/URL] & support the cause.

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Bharat Naidu

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