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Double Bubble

Posted by $$TtotheMFingROLL$$ on 2013-04-12 at 12:00 AM

I am back from the fun weekend in Goa. Was there for about 3 days and had a really good time. Although one thing I really wanted to do was go to the beach at least once ; I did not even see it from far away. Cause of the tournament timings and everything, it was really hard to find the time to go to the beach and also me being lazy didnt help either. Anyways it was a lot of fun.

I reached Madgaon on Friday afternoon and took a taxi (pretty sure they ripped me off) from the Railway station to the hotel where I was rooming with Goindi and Pulkit Kalia. Both of them were really fun to chill with, but three LAZY guys in one room, you can imagine what the room woulda looked like after day 3. So I nap for a while before the tourney and head to the casino to play the 10K Super Bounty KO. I play a shove or fold sattelite and bust out pretty early. Then came Sahil, was meeting him for the first time. We chatted for a bit until it was time for the tourney to begin, was good to see him in flesh cause we talk a lot online. The starting table was pretty soft (had Vinay’s mom to my right and Vinays dad to my left, sorry Vinay :p) and it was fun, specially when they were playing HU pots against one another. Any bet from uncle would be met with a cold stare from aunty that kinda said ” ghar chalo tab bataaungi”. Also had a chatty Hussain Lakdawala on my table, to whom I showed a 4b bluff. He kinda became more chatty after that and was a lot of fun, he is one of the few guys who tilts in a likable way. Anyway I was chipping up very nicely and always had a more than 50BB stack at all times. All my apprehensions about live poker were seeming to clear out. I wasnt as nervous as I thought I would be while bluffing/monsters etc. So that def helped my confidence in picking up spots. Although I did spaz once, reshoved 60BB eff with AQ as I misread the players stack, and luckily the guy tank folded AK! Got moved to a new table, with Hussain on my right this time. Fun hand : Folds to hussain in SB, With about 25BBs he completes, I make it 3.5x with AK, Hussain makes it 15x and I call!! (I thought he said All-in, gahh Livaments), we see a flop of xxK, he shoves I snap and collect his bounty. From then on it was smooth sailing to the FT and CL Kanishka Kapoor did all the dirty work of busting the shorties. I was playing fairly tight on the FT, and made a couple of bad plays and got coolered for 30BBs, which brought down my 70BB stack to about 15bb. With 6 to go and 5 places paid, the whole table made a deal where-in the bubble boy gets to keep his bounty. I was happy about this, cause I was short, and could chip up easily cause nobody would want to try busting me with marginal hands because of no bounty. But anyway I ended up busting at the bubble, but got to keep my bounty. Had a total of 5 bounties at the end which made the pain of bubbling a lil numb, and was pretty satisfied with my performance, My first PGT and my first live FT in Goa.
After I busted, me and Sahil decided to gamble a bit on table games downstairs. we went with a combined BR of 5K and decided we leave when we bust or make 25K. It was really crowded and we could hardly get a seat in Blackjack. So we decided to get outta there and meet up with adi at him room. Chilled with him for a bit, had a couple of beers and we headed out for some breakfast. Then came back and crashed, wanting to get some rest before main.

On Saturday I was pretty excited about the main. Headed quickly to the casino to play some satties. First satty awarded 2 seats, I got one and Adi got the other. I think PGT main event is prob the more tougher tourney fields in INdia. Had a tough starting table with Danish, AMit Jain (bblacklegend) Rajesh Goyal and Rakesh Sharma (uncleji :p) on my table. A couple of hands in, I am in BB, Tightish guy opens MP, rakesh defends from sb, I look down at T6s in BB and decide to squeeze to ~3x , original raiser folds, Rakesh calls. Flop comes 2 3 6, two spades. He checks, I fire a small cbet, he check shoves Huge for his entire stack, I call. He flips AsTs and takes it down on the river, time for re-entry. When I took the second entry, I decided that taking more than 3 would not be worth it. So the plan was to nit this stack out till rentry break and If I was less than starting stack, punt it before rentry ended. I folded my way to 8BBs, then got double up then chipped up a bit more by isoing a shorty. but I never had a stack where I could 3b light etc. was always between 15-25 BBs always. The ME field in general was a lil tougher, and I decided to play tight, not open too much and use that image for light 3b . that seemed to work and I was constantly able to keep up with the blinds. Again made a couple of mistakes before FT against the same guy as in the bounty event (a really really tight guy), but not huge mistakes in any way. FT was a tough line-up, with 7-8 really SOLID players. Although it was a fun atmosphere cause Adi was commenting on hands on the FT, which made everyone laugh, Specially Rajesh Goyal jokes :D. It Was hard to even get spots, I made a couple of reshoves and got folds even tho i Was pretty short casue of my tight image. 1 hand I decide to open UTG, K6o. Ive been playing Very tight, I have 14 BB (so not much of a r/f range there) and I open this UTG, so I expected this to go thru a lot. But then bblack snap 3b me for a 3rd (if I remember correctly) of his stack (he later told me he was light there). So pretty much had my hands tied. bustout hand was standard, unopened to me on Bu, I shove A5s with 12 bigs, Dhaval in SB folds, BB calls with A7s. Another bubble and this one hurt, time to get Drunk on free casino alcohol. After the Ft played out, Me and goindi went to Dhavals place and chilled for a bit, It was the closest I had come to seeing beach in Goa!! A very nice view from his balcony, got to see the sunrise.

Sunday I was supposed to go play the 3K turbo, but didnt wake up in time for it, so decided to sleep more and go straight for the grind at Nitish and Rajnish’s place. They had setup the place with 3 connections, some good home made food, beers etc. As soon as I got there, Saw Kavishk ship the $82 hyper. I thought this was a sign from above, and I would also ship something today. But no, stars has to give me another brutal sunday where I brick everything. Adi was playing on a big Tv, so its was fun to sweat him. he was playing bigger109, milly, a few HSMTTs on 888 and a bunch of Big gtds on stars. Got to learn a lot, as he was saying out what his thought process was in everyhand. There were about 10 of us, and we sweated him throughout the Bigger 109 which he managed to FT. Every pot Adi won was followed by cheers and High-fives. We were afraid the neighbors would wake up. Samohhh has his way with words, and he captured this situation perfectly in one sentence ” Its times like these that Poker becomes a spectator sport”. SO true. Adi brutally finished 5th, AK

All in all it was a great experience and a lot of fun. Met some really fun people, had a good time playing poker, chilling and FT’d 2/2 😎 (flex). Cant wait for next PGT, def gonna try taking off from work in advance and plan it out a bit better next time, so I can stay longer. Until next time.

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