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Draw backs of Online MTT

Posted by Arturo on 2012-11-11 at 12:00 AM

There is few drawbacks of online poker which i am facing from two weeks or so, after winning 16 big for around 4K i was not able to go finish near last 20 atleast. I have increased volume of mtt compared i used to play earlier. playing lot of turbos ranging from 10 to 22, also played big 33 few times and given shot to Sunday kickoff- 109 against the MTT BR rule, but given a chance once.
Very few deep runs now a days,
Drawbacks :
1) Poor Internet Connections : lost 20BB in one of the toruney’s in when 150 remaining, which proved v crucial and ends me on 130th. I have two net connection and both were down in morning 3 am. what can i do ????? BLAME myself for not having few more net connection.
2) Physical fitness: had less sleep and with some back problem from last week as i have also started in playing in night on my TAB and now Full tilt also started.
3) Unknown Guest :Have to leave some tourneys in middle due to some guest who come to my house.
These are few drawbacks which i am experiencing in onine MTT.
So who to blame for these drawbacks —— ONLY MYSELF.

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