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Dream – Continued…

Posted by Prabhakaran Senguttuvan on 2015-08-19 at 12:00 AM

Hi friends, this is your friend PrabakarChe… Thought to share my experience, views about past two months and my IPC trip once again with u friends.. Before that got some positive response about my last blog which inspired a lot of people in the poker community and I am really thankful to each one of them for their kind words and support… Thank You Guyz..

June/July 2015
It was a happy moment that i returned back to my home from Goa/IPC June… After one year of poker, I spent most of the time with my wife and my family… They were really happy about my success..
Then I started to play poker online @ PS and Spartan.. Can’t do much on PS and lost most of my bankroll over there… Still I didn’t started to use poker tools and softwares which help most of the online grinders to score good @ the tournaments… So thought to give a small break @ PS for some time..
Meanwhile I started to play @ Spartan due to IPC satellites and IOPC league… After losing some 3k, finally with a deposit of ₹1K, I won tickets worth 55K for IPC Aug.. I won the IOPC series too.. So I made some money for the tournaments, IPC Aug except for the High roller… I started to play regularly the mega rebuy/addon tourney @ Spartan where 4.3K first prize seems to be a good bankroll which helped me to play the satties for the IPC, Aug.. I prefer those tournaments for the youngsters which will be useful to improve their bankroll @ spartan…

Goa Trip.
After spending most of my time at home, the plan for IPC is so simple that i need to run deep and good at tournaments… So i prepared to Goa from Banglore with my fish/friend Neelesh G.. We missed our fellow friends Dumma and Arvind Jain to be with us, because at the last minute they cancelled their trip for IPC… In between need to thank Saby and Jdsaz for their help in Bangalore and Goa.

I played the 5K tourney seems to be a turbo type, but it didn’t last for long, busted early in it.. The next day, got ready for the 10K tourney where i already ran deep and min cash in the previous April & June series.. 10K got 319 entrants and my long run helped me to get 30th spot for min cash… It was always a boost for me to ran deep in the kickoff event where i earn more confidence for the bigger ones.. This was my third cash back to back in the deepest tournament of the IPC series… Feeling happy about that…
The next day i played the highroller for the first time ran deep but in the middle stages of the tournaments lost some big pots to finish 45th in the event…I felt that was not bad eventhough 60K is a big buyin tourney… Running deep is always good.. One of the hand i still remember is my AK vs 78 pf allin like flop comes 569… Pretty dead after that..

The Big One..
Oh man, its time for bigger one – the main event where i finished 3rd last time… Still feeling happy about my previous series which always gives you some confidence.. I started the day with some good pots gathering some chips, played tight aggressive.. I was having more than the average stack by the end of 2nd break… But after that started to lose some chips and can’t increase my chip stack.. Really i need to improve my game at the middle stages of the tourney… Ended the day with 30k around, that was not good with 49 entrants left and 25 paid…
But still something i need to happy about that because i had some 30K/10BB’s compared to my last main event with 27K/9BB’s.. So I have 1BB extra to finish 2nd in the tourney this time compared to my last time 3rd finish.. I was telling my friends everyone which gains myself some self confidence..
Day 2 started, that one hand changed my tounament life by shoving pf with Ad5d against QQ… I got completed my flush on the turn and from that spot i gained some chips to knockout 4 -5 players myself out of the tourney… When 15 players left, I was having around 4L chips, 4th in the chip count.. But it all turned around when 11 left, went down to 2L chips 15 BB’s..
The hand cutoff opens 2.5x and I am having AsQs in BB.. He opens 3/5 hands always, so I thought 15BB shove is good to steal those chips but to my surprise he called and showed QQ… I lost that pot and left with some 2 BB’s… Finished the tournament 11th place, that was sick after running hot in day 2… Making back to back final table in the main event was my dream but got vanished.. I don’t know whether people done that before in India but everything is a lesson to learn and experience to do good at the next one..
That was sick but i feel happy about my run deep in the main event back to back… Heared some people saying it was all luck that i ran deep again in the main event… For them i need to say that both luck and skill need to run good at the tournaments.. Every tournament is a lesson for me and i am still learning.. Busted the 8K greed like A8 vs KJ pf allin… Flop comes A93 and turn K river K… That was my luck too…
Overall trip quits with some 20k profit.. Anything u make is good unless u lose…

Tips for poker players..
So many people asked me why u r not playing cash games over there… I can say simply i am not a good cash game player.. And also my BR doesn’t allow to play those cash games…
One thing i want to share with u guyz for sure on this entire series… This is really a big issue happening regularly for poker players during the series.. I had seen people investing their tournament buyins in the gambling floor and cash games early busting after the 5K and 10K tourney… So many people headed back home without playing the main event what they come for.. I was really feeling bad for them because they r also my friends.. I am not saying don’t play those but play acc to your BR… I think this will be a good tip for the youngsters in the poker circuit..

Every time when i come to Goa, my target is to make some new friends… So that u can share ur joy, happiness with them… This time I made so many good friends in poker.. They were like encouraging me and giving me some confidence all the way… Without u guyz, i can’t achieve these goals…

And finally I need to thank my wife for her love and support all these years.. Without her, I can’t make all these good runs.. Thanks to my family for supporting me…

Added a Jim carrey speech which i admired…


You might as well as take a chance on doing what u love.. I did..

With regards..
Prabakar Che.

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Prabhakaran Senguttuvan

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