Amarnath Reddy Eliminated in 14th Place, Zook Kurup in 13th Place
• Level 18: 4000 -8000,8000 Ante

Gangadhar Raaj who was one of the top performers at the last BPT series in Oct is once again looking primed for a deep run after scoring the double knockout of Zook Kurup and Amarnath Reddy.

The hand saw Kurup moving all-in for 18K from middle position and Gokul Krishna called from the hijack. Reddy shoved from the cutoff for 4K and Anmol Srivats called from the button. Raaj made it 55K and both Krishna and Srivats folded.

Zook Kurup:

Amarnath Reddy:

Gangadhar Raaj:

The board ran and Raaj’s aces held on, eliminating Reddy in 14th place and Kurup in 13th place, each of them taking home a ₹24,600 payout.

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