₹15K Head Hunter

Prajit Ghambhir Wins the IPC ₹15K Head-Hunter

• Level 29: 100,000 -200,000,200,000 Ante

The India Poker Championship (IPC) January 2020 has come to a close with the final event of the series, the ₹15K Head Hunter crowning a champion in Prajit Ghambir. Ghambir who is primarily an online player defeated Armaan Kochhar heads-up to win his first-ever tournament title!

A three-way deal between the final three players saw them securing ₹5 Lakhs each, keeping ₹1,15400 aside for the eventual champion. This extra cash went in Ghambir`s pocket who collected a cash prize of ₹6.15 Lakhs along with the title.

Kochhar banked a revised payout of ₹5 Lakhs for his runner-up finish.

A more detailed report will be published shortly, so stay tuned.

Prajith Gambhir
Prajith Gambhir

Armaan Kochhar Finishes Runner-Up in the ₹15K Head Hunter

• Level 29: 100,000 -200,000,200,000 Ante

Armaan Kochhar has just been eliminated in second place by Prajit Ghambir! Kochhar had entered the heads-up with more chips than Ghambir but the latter didn’t take long to cover the distance and take the lead.

The final hand of the tournament saw Kochhar shoving 1.4 Million with and Ghambhir called from the big blind with . The board ran out and Ghambir’s two-pair saw him take down the pot, along with the title!

Armaan Khochar
Armaan Kochhar

Heads-Up Chip Counts

• Level 29: 100,000 -200,000, Ante

Armaan Kochhar – 3,050,000

Prajit Ghambir – 2,400,000

Vipul Tiwari Eliminated in 3rd Place

• Level 29: 100,000 -200,000,200,000 Ante

With a three-way deal locked in, Vipul Tiwari moved all-in with and found a caller in Prajit Ghambir who tabled . The rundown saw both players hit one-pair but Ghambir took it down with a better pair of nines.

Tiwari was eliminated in third place and pocketed ₹5 Lakhs in prize money, following a three-way deal with Kochhar and Tiwari.

With Tiwari’s departure, Armaan Kochhar will come up against Prajit Ghambir in the heads-up play.

Himanshu Dwivedi Eliminated in 4th, Kyrylo Lavrov Out in 5th Place

• Level 28: 75,000 -150,000,150,000 Ante

The ₹15K Head Hunter is fast winding down towards the heads-up. Shortly after Kyrylo Lavrov was eliminated in fifth place for a ₹1.66 Lakhs payout, the final table saw another preflop all-in clash.

The hand in question saw Himanshu Dwivedi move all-in with and was called by Vipul Tiwari who showed . With the board running , Tiwari hit a higher full house to knock Dwivedi out in fourth place. Dwivedi earns ₹2.15 Lakhs.

We’re now down to the final three players

Danyal Kazi Eliminated in 6th Place

• Level 27: 50,000 -100,000,100,000 Ante

In a preflop all-in showdown, Danyal Kazi shoved from UTG with and found a caller in Armaan Kochhar who tabled .

Board –

Kochhar’s pocket pair held up, cutting Kazi’s tournament run short in sixth place. Kazi collects ₹1.37 Lakhs for his finish.

Sahil Mahboobani Eliminated in 7th Place

• Level 27: 50,000 -1,00,000,1,00,000 Ante

Sahil Mahboobani has lost his tournament life in seventh place, and collected a paycheque of ₹1.15 Lakhs for the same.

The hand in question saw Armaan Kochhar shove from the hijack and Mahboobani also shoved from the small blind, unaware that Kochhar had also announced all-in. After the big blind folded, Mahboobani mucked his cards. The tournament director was called and after a prolonged discussion, he was asked to select two cards and told that only if the cards matched with what he held, he’d get to play. That didn’t happen and Mahboobani busted.


Anil Adiani Eliminated in 8th Place

• Level 26: 40,000 -80,000,80,000 Ante

After giving two double-ups, Anil Adiani shoved from the cutoff with (offsuit) and was called by small blind Armaan Kochhar who held . The board bricked Adiani who was eliminated in eighth place, for ₹95,100.

Anil Adiani
Anil Adiani

Eight-Handed Chip Counts At Break-Time

• Level 26: 40,000 -80,000,80,000 Ante

The final eight players have gone on a 10-minute break and play will resume at Level 26 with the blind levels up to 40,000/80,000 with a running ante of 80,000. Here are their chip counts at this point.

8-Handed Chip Counts (Seat-Wise)

SeatPlayerChip Counts
1Himanshu Dwivedi755,000
2Anil Adiani1,040,000
3Danyal Kazi240,000
4Armaan Kochhar650,000
5Prajit Ghambhir540,000
6Vipul Tiwari745,000
7Sahil Mahboobani365,000
8Kyrylo Lavrov890,000

Kabir Khattar Eliminated in 9th Place

• Level 25: 30,000 -60,000,60,000 Ante

Vipul Tiwari moved all-in from the button and Kabir Khattar called from the small blind for his tournament life. Sahil Mahboobani called for 115K from the big blind.

Vipul Tiwari

Kabir Khattar

Sahil Mahboobani

A lot of crowd gathered around the final table as the board of was dealt and Mahboobani paired his jack on the turn to score a triple up. Tiwari won the side pot and Khattar became the first elimination on the final table. He takes home ₹75,100 for his deep run.

Kabir Khattar
Kabir Khattar

Chip Counts

Vipul Tiwari – 650,000

Sahil Mahboobani – 365,000

Kabir Khattar – Eliminated

The Final 9...

• Level 24: 20,000 -40,000,40,000 Ante

Vipul Tiwari chip leads the final nine players in the ₹15K Head Hunter, with a massive stack of 1,335,000. Tiwari is, in fact, the only player with a million-plus stack. Himanshu Dwivedi (810,000) follows Tiwari in stacks as Anil Adiani (740,000) rounds out the top three stacks.

The IPC January 2020 15K Head Hunter final table
The IPC January 2020 15K Head Hunter final table

Final Table Chip Counts

Seat NoPlayerChip Count
1Himanshu Dwivedi810,000
2Anil Adiani740,000
3Daniyal Kazi515,000
4Armaan Kochhar680,000
5Prajit Ghambhir400,000
6Vipul Tiwari1,335,000
7Kabir Khattar455,000
8Sahil Mahboobani240,000
9Kyrylo Lavrov185,000

Final Table Formed!

• Level 24: 20,000 -40,000,40,000 Ante

The final table of the 15K Head Hunter has been formed! We will be shortly bringing you more details on the players who have made it to the list, with their chip counts.

Anurag Sangahi Bubbles the Final Table

• Level 24: 20000 -40000,40000 Ante

Anurag Sangahi shoved with from UTG and Armaan Kochhar called from the big blind holding . The community cards spread out and Kochhar rivered two pairs, dismissing Sangahi in 10th place for ₹63,300.

Mihir Ganatra Busted in 11th Place

• Level 24: 20000 -40000,40000 Ante

Mihir Ganatra shoved for 70K from UTG and Vipul Tiwari called from the big blind.

Mihir Ganatra

Vipul Tiwari


Tiwari’s ace-high won him the pot, ousting Ganatra in 11th place for ₹63,300.

Bhavya Mittal Busted in 13th Place

• Level 23: 15000 -30000,30000 Ante

Bhavya Mittal’s were up against Daniyal Katiyal’s . The runout bricked and Katiyal’s cowboys held, eliminating Mittal in 13th place for ₹53,900.

Abhishek Paul Eliminated in 14th Place

• Level 23: 15000 -30000,30000 Ante

Anil Adiani shoved from UTG and Abhishek Paul called from the middle position risking his tournament life.

Anil Adiani

Abhishek Paul


The runout missed both players and Adiani’s ace kicker won him the pot, eliminating Paul in 14th place for ₹53,900.

Chip Counts

Anil Adiani – 470,000

Abhishek Paul – Busted

Down to Final 14...

• Level 22: 15,000 -25,000,25,000 Ante

15th: Mayank Makhija – ₹53,900

16th: Saumil Mehta – ₹44,900

17th: Ameya Gokhale – ₹44,900

Wilson Yomso Eliminated in 18th Place

• Level 21: 10,000 -20,000,20,000 Ante

Kabir Khattar shoved from the middle position and Wilson Yomso called from the button. Khattar tabled (offsuit) versus Yomso’s . The rundown of saw Khattar pair his seven on the flop, eliminating Yomso in 18th place for ₹44,900.

Chip Counts of Table 15

• Level 21: 10,000 -20,000,20,000 Ante

Seat 1: Himanshu Dwivedi – 455,000

Seat 2: Danyal Kazi – 160,000

Seat 3: Armaan Kochhar – 180,000

Seat 4: Sahil Mahboobani – 150,000

Seat 5: Anuag Sangaha – 160,000

Seat 6: Archit Khandelwal – 810,000

Seat 7: Prajit Gambhir – 155,000

Seat 8: Bhavya Mittal – 760,000

Seat 9: Anil Adiani – 230,000

Chip Counts of Table 14

• Level 21: 10,000 -20,000,20,000 Ante

Table 14

Seat 1: Saumil Mehta – 200,000

Seat 2: Wilson Yomso – 125,000

Seat 3: Abhishek Paul – 255,000

Seat 4: Minir Ganatra – 155,000

Seat 5: Liavrov Kyrylo – 280,000

Seat 6: Mayank Makhija – 170,000

Seat 7: Ameya Gokhale – 140,000

Seat 8: Kabir Khattar – 130,000

Seat 9: Vipul Tiwari – 935,000

Fifth Break of the Night!

• Level 21: 10,000 -20,000,20,000 Ante

The final 18 players have gone for a 10-minute break at the 15K Head Hunter. We will be shortly updating you with the chip counts at this point, stay tuned.

Down to the Final 2 Tables...

• Level 20: 8,000 -16,000,16,000 Ante

The field has whittled down quickly to the final 18 players in the turbo-paced event and at this pace we can look forward to formation of the final table very soon.

Sumit Navlani Eliminated in 19th Place

• Level 20: 8,000 -16,000,16,000 Ante

Sumit Harikishan Navlani shoved from the button with and was called by the player in the small blind with . The board ran out . Navlani’s opponent hit a set on the flop to eliminate Navlani in 19th place. He takes home a ₹36,800 payout for his 19th place finish.

A while back, Lurii Evich was eliminated in 20th place for ₹36,800, Tanay Hargunaney crashed in 21st place for ₹36,800 and Avneesh Munjal busted in 22nd place for ₹30,100.

Daksh Arora Eliminated in 23rd Place

• Level 20: 8,000 -16,000,16,000 Ante

Daksh Arora who had only 5K left was auto all-in from the big blind and Prajit Gambhir shoved for 35K from UTG+1. Wilson Yomso called from MP+1.

Daksh Arora

Prajit Gambhir

Wilson Yomso

The board ran and Gambhir’s pocket pair held on, eliminating Arora.

Chip Counts

Prajit Gambhir – 110,000

Wilson Yomso – 90,000

Daksh Arora – Eliminated

Recent Eliminations...

• Level 20: 8,000 -16,000,16,000 Ante

24th: Ankit Jajodia – ₹30,100

25th: Anup Palod – ₹26,100

Amarnath Reddy Eliminated in 26th Place

• Level 26: 6,000 -12,000,12,000 Ante

Abhishek Paul open-shoved UTG for 70K with and Amar Reddy called from MP+1 with (offsuit). The board ran out and Reddy lost out to become short.

Chip Counts

Abhishek Paul – 168,000

Amar Reddy – 50,000

In the next hand, Reddy open-shoved his last 50K with (offsuit) and Tanay Hargunaney called with . Hargunaney hit a straight to eliminate Reddy.

Reddy earned ₹26,100 for his 26th place finish.

More Bust Outs...

• Level 19: 6,000 -12,000,12,000 Ante

27th: Manoj Singh – ₹26,100

28th: Abhishek Sharma – ₹22,100

29th: Shane Hodges – ₹22,100

30th: TBA – ₹22,100

31st: Amod Sripad Kelkar – ₹22,100

32nd: Biru Nasi – ₹22,100

Shravan Chhabria Eliminated in 33rd Place

• Level 18: 5,000 -10,000,10,000 Ante

After losing a hand, Shravan Chhabria was left with three big blinds. He now shoved from middle position and found two callers, Wilson Yomso who was in MP+1 and big blind Vipul Tiwari. The flop of saw Tiwari bet 45K while Yomso called. The landed on the turn and Tiwari now checked his option while Yomso fired a bet of 65K. Tiwari called. The river went check-check.

Yomso tabled , Tiwari showed while Chhabria mucked his cards and got up to leave.

Chhabria has pocketed ₹22,100 for his 33rd place finish.

Chip Counts

Wilson Yomso – 380,000

Vipul Tiwari – 370,000

Shravan Chhabria – Eliminated

Recent Eliminations

• Level 18: 5000 -10000,10000 Ante

34th: Vikaash Shah – ₹22,100
35th: Meet Jariwala – ₹22,100
36th: Vaibhav Temani – ₹22,100
37th: Goonjan Mall – ₹18,100
38th: Vikram Mishra – ₹18,100
39th: Deepak Raina – ₹18,100
40th: Gagandeep Malik – ₹18,100
41st: S Raveemathi – ₹18,100

Rohit Mittal is the Head Hunter Bubble Boy

• Level 15: 3000 -5000,5000 Ante

The money bubble has burst and Rohit Mittal has donned the stone bubble tag.

Himanshu Dwivedi opened to 13K and Mittal called from the small blind to see the flop . Mittal checked and Dwivedi led out for 30K. Mittal called and the turn came . Mittal shoved and Dwivedi called. Mittal showed (off-suit) against Dwivedi’s . The river bricked and though Mittal flopped a pair of nines, it was no match for Dwivedi’s pocket rockets, eliminating the former in 42nd place.


• Level 15: 3000 -5000,5000 Ante

With 42 runners left in the fray, the money bubble is looming in the Head Hunter event.

Harsha G Busted in 43rd Place

• Level 15: 3000 -5000,5000 Ante

Harsha G open-shoved from UTG with and Abhishek Paul called from the small blind with . The community cards revealed and Paul hit a one-card straight on the turn, to eliminate Harsha.

Sagar Patnaik Busted

• Level 14: 2000 -4000,4000 Ante

Sagar Patnaik opened to 9K from the middle position and the player next to him (MP+1) called, along with Samit Mehta who was in the hijack.


Patnaik led out for 11K and MP+1 folded. Mehta raised to 55K and Pat naik shoved for 71K. Mehta called.

Sagar Patnaik

Samit Mehta

The turn and river saw Mehta hit a backdoor flush draw, ending PAtnaik to the rail.

Chip Counts

Samit Mehta – 512,000

Sagar Patnaik – Busted

Assorted Chip Counts After 3rd Break

• Level 14: 2000 -4000,4000 Ante

Here are the notable chip counts after the third break of the day.

Saumil Mehta – 411,000
Wilson Yomso – 242,000
Ankit Jajodia – 228,000
Sahil Mahboobani – 170,000
Tanay Hargunaney – 168,000
Amarnath Reddy – 160,000
Archit Khandelwal – 143,000
Goonjan Mall – 137,000
Bhavya Mittal – 105,000
Shravan Chhabria – 98,000
Gagandeep Malik – 92,000
Anil Adiani – 90,000
Sagar Patnaik – 85,000
Armaan Kochhar – 61,000

Payouts Announced!

• Level 13: 1500 -3000,3000 Ante

The total number of entries has been confirmed at 364, resulting in a ₹34,76,200 prize pool. Presently there are 56 runners left in the field. The top 41 places are assured a min-cash of ₹18,100, with the winner walking away with a top prize of ₹7,51,000!

PositionPrize Money

3rd Break of the Day

• Level 13: 1500 -3000,3000 Ante

Following the end of Level 13, players have gone for a 15-minute long break. During this time, the 500 denomination chips will be removed from play. We will bring you the assorted chip counts from the third break of the night.

Amit Gaikwad Knocked Out

• Level 12: 1500 -2500,2500 Ante

Amit Gaikwad shoved from the cutoff for 39K and Samit Mehta called from the big blind.

Amit Gaikwad

Samit Mehta


Mehta flopped a set of kings to send Gaikwad packing to the rail.

Chip Counts

Samit Mehta – 105,000

Amit Gaikwad – Busted

Mehta now has three bounties.

Gaurav Gupta Eliminated By Tanay Hargunaney

• Level 12: 1500 -2500,2500 Ante

The player in the UTG opened for 6K and Gaurav Gupta called from the middle position for 35.5K. Tanay Hargunaney shoved on top from the small blind. UTG folded.

Gaurav Gupta

Tanay Hargunaney


Hargunaney hit a full house on the river, busting Gupta from the Head Hunter.

Tanay Hargunaney
Tanay Hargunaney

Chip Counts

Tanay Hargunaney – 134,000

Gaurav Gupta – Busted

With this elimination, Hargunaney has already claimed his sixth bounty.

Assorted Chip Counts After 2nd Break

• Level 11: 1000 -2000,2000 Ante

Here are the notable chip counts after the second break of the day.

Wilson Yomso – 110,000
Shravan Chhabria – 83,500
Zarvan Tumboli – 81,000
Akash Shekhar – 69,000
Sagar Patnaik – 60,500
Savvy Ranchal – 38,000
Kanchan Sharma – 35,000
Anant Purohit – 26,000
Goonjan Mall – 26,000
Ankit Jajodia – 24,000
Armaan Kochhar – 21,000
Kavish Kukreja – 18,000

361 Entries!

• Level 8: 500 -1000,1000 Ante

361 entries have been clocked in the Head Hunter event, successfully crossing last year’s 347 entries! We will share the prize pool and payouts shortly, so stay tuned!

Abhishek Rathod Eliminated

• Level 7: 400 -800,800 Ante

We reached the table with the flop open to and Abhishek Rathod had moved all-in preflop. Next to act Daksh Arora bet and one player folded.

Abhishek Rathod

Daksh Arora

The turn and river saw Arora’s hand better to a two pair on the river, eliminating Rathod.

337 Entries!

• Level 7: 400 -800,800 Ante

A total of 337 entries have been logged in at the series-ending Head Hunter event by Level 7. The event is only 11 entries short of surpassing the last edition’s record of 348 entries.

With late registrations open before the start of Level 8, there is still plenty of time for the IPC to create yet another record!

Assorted Chip Counts After 1st Break

• Level 5: 300 -500,500 Ante

Here are the notable chip counts from the first break of the Head Hunter.

Gaurav Sood – 95,000
Harshad Barve – 93,000
Wilson Yomso – 67,000
Mithun Mahesh – 63,300
Kunal Patni – 50,000
Anant Purohit – 38,000
Amar Katharani – 32,000
Deepak Bothra – 32,000
Mayank Agarwal – 30,000
Amarnath Reddy – 30,000
Anuj Yadav – 25,000
Rajeev Kanjani – 22,000
Sumit Kundu – 20,000
Vikram Freeman – 20,000
Uday Moola – 15,400
Vineet Kumar – 15,000
Pranay Chawla – 15,000
Debasis Mishra – 11,000
Devvrat Arya – 5,800

1st Break of the Day

• Level 4: 200 -400,400 Ante

Players are heading out for the first 10-minute break of the day. A total of 240 entries have been logged in already in the ₹15K Head Hunter and its just the end of Level 4. Play will resume with the start of Level 5 with blinds set at 300/500 and a running ante of 500. Late registration closes before the start of Level 8.

We will be updating the assorted chip counts after the break shortly.

Anant Purohit Busted

• Level 3: 200 -300,300 Ante

Anant Purohit shoved for 6.3K from UTG and Gaurav Chauhan reshoved on top from the cutoff. The rest of the table folded.

Anant Purohit

Gaurav Chauhan


Chauhan flopped a pair eliminating Purohit in the process.

Anant Purohit
Anant Purohit

Chip Counts

Gaurav Chauhan – 154,000

Anant Purohit – Busted

Notables in the Field

• Level 2: 100 -200,200 Ante

The field has already reached 150 players in the second level. Some of the notables in the field are Mayank Agarwal, Anish Dedhia, Anant Purohit, Vikram Mishra, Rajeev Kanjani, Sahil Mahboobani, Wilson Yomso, Vikram Freeman, Vineet Kumar, Bharat Suda, J. Raju, Shravan Chhabria, Aditya Kesharwani, Amar Katharani, Yuvraj Singh, Abhishek Rathode, Anil Adiani, Abhishek Jalan, Kanchan Sharma, Nimit Patel, Muskan Sethi, Siddharth Singhvi, Young Gun Siddharth Karia, Sriharsha Doddapaneni, Anuj Yadav, Gagandeep Malik, Niranjan NJ, Rajat Sharma, Eka Vedantham, Anmol Mehta and Kunal Patni, along with PokerGuru Ambassadors Ashutosh Balodhi, Devvrat Arya, Naresh Veeravalli, Mithun Mahesh and Rony Chowdhury.

Head Hunter

Siddharth Chaturvedi Eliminated

• Level 1: 100 -100, Ante

Siddharth Ranshevre opened UTG for a 2x raise and Siddharth Chaturvedi called from the button.


Ranshevre bet 1.2K and Chturvedi check-called.


Chaturvedi checked again and Ranshevre led out for 2.5K. Chaturvedi called.


Chaturvedi checked for a third time, Ranshevre moved all-in for 11.1K and Chaturvedi called.

Siddharth Ranshevre

Siddharth Chaturvedi

In the battle between the two Siddharts’, it was Ranshevre who took down the pot with a rivered boat, crippling Chaturvedi in the process.

On the very next hand, Chaturvedi hit the rail.

Chip Counts

Sidhharth Ranshevre – 38,200

Siddharth Chaturvedi – Busted

Cards Are in the Air at the ₹15K Head Hunter!

• Level 1: 100 -100, Ante

The fourth and final event of the India Poker Championship (IPC) January 2020 edition, the ₹15K Head Hunter, is underway. Kicking off at 6 PM sharp, the Head Hunter is a fast-paced single day event that is expected to crown a champion in the wee hours of Monday morning.

In the last edition, this event was champion by Raghavendra Hada who had banked ₹7.39 Lakhs for his win.

Featuring a ₹22.50 Lakhs guarantee, the event features 20-minute levels, with late registrations closing before the start of Level 8. Multiple re-entries are permitted until the end of the late registration period.

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