Hi everyone, today I want to share my journey of AceJack, which is now re-branded as PokerGuru Staking and address some of the most frequent queries we receive along with pointers on some common mistakes I have noticed in applications.

We started in March 2017 and the stable has kept me busy throughout this 2-year period. With the efforts of Lungi, it became much smoother to operate over the course of time. We are very proud of the players that have come in and the way they have excelled and the way they are preparing themselves to probably win everything that is out there to be won or achieving everything that is there to achieve.

The vision has always been very clear – nurture the players and make them the best to their abilities. At the end of day, make them world champions – be it in life or poker. That’s the goal.

The agenda since the beginning was never to have a 50 player stable, we always wanted to cap it till 15-20 players and filter out the most hardworking players. We are always looking out for new applicants and filter them. The simplest way to apply or know the application process would be to go to the PokerGuru Staking FaceBook page and have a look at the pinned post. The pinned post clearly states the requirements. The first and the most important requirement will be that he/she should be a full time poker player. We don’t really encourage any part time players or working professionals as we put everything ahead for the player over the course of our agreement and we expect the same.

Another requirement is that the player should have time to travel whenever asked to. Be it for events or a bootcamp. Then the pinned post speaks about the application form which needs to be completely filled by the applicant. Any application with a missing criteria will generally be ignored by our end and usually we don’t respond to these applications. The questionnaire helps us identify the character and how the applicants thought process is. This is very crucial to us.

A common mistake that I’ve noticed is that most players message us rather than filling the application form. It becomes very difficult to respond to each of those players individually so I’d urge applicants to apply through the application form only.

Another thing is that when you apply, look at it as a job and not an application for a college/university. We take our applications very seriously but most people just want to make a quick buck out of this by joining us. They want to improve their skills but don’t realize the future potential for them in the game.

Minimum requirements we look for –

  1. Professional poker player
  2. Certain skillset i.e. experience and study
  3. Young age does help
  4. Proven graph and track record of the player
  5. Hard work

We don’t push players but expect them to work hard and give it their best.

Talking about my poker plans, I generally don’t like to travel for live tournaments as I like to grind online all day long but yes, I did win the EPT Sochi package on PokerStars India and I will also attend WPT Barcelona along with it as they fall side by side. Post that it will only be WSOP for the whole summer.

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