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Feel Ready.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-09-24 at 12:00 AM

Not much play this week. I haven’t bothered to put in any kind of volume while the PGM program is going on. I used to play whenever I feel like it. Overall results have been good. OPR shows good ROI over last 120 days at the soft micros. I have dedicated a lot of time to learning though. This week I spent a lot of time browsing forums (too much I think, but I was hooked), reading strategy articles, watching videos, going through HH reviews that Adi has been sending. Still have some of these HH left.

Another side distraction was the Lederer files which were engrossing to watch. I couldn’t wait for next part to come out every day. Personally, I will give the poker players like Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson etc the benefit of doubt. Poker players are easy to scam I think. They have got too much money too fast and at a very young age. Think this money was scammed away by Ray Bitar and the payment processors (the shady bank managers and such). They distributed some amounts to the poker playing owners to look away/not bother/as a smoke screen while they took away most of it. Of course the player-owners are culpable as well. But all ends well I guess with players who will be given back their money from November onwards.

Coming back to the PGMP, we have kind of reached the end of the theory part of the program. There are some HH reviews which we will be going through. I feel quietly confident now of playing MTT’s. The variance sucks but it’s a part of it. From October, I will be trying out a schedule (which will now include more of playing time) and will start putting in volume. Basically I will be playing the evenings around 9ish to whatever; 4-5 days per week. I will start with 4-tabling. If comfortable, I will add 2 more. Will add some 180 mans also now as fillers. Let’s hope I run on +ve side of variance. Knock on wood. If not, I will go back to 6max to grind it back up. So that’s the plan as of now. As the title says I feel ready.

Till next week then..

Cheers !!

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Vinay Suchede

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