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Final Table MTT – So Close yet so far!!

Posted by Vivek Raju on 2012-07-24 at 12:00 AM

Hello Guys,

After a repeated failures coming close to the Final Table of Micro MTT but finally made it to the final table of $1.10 buy-in 6-MAX micro tournament. Entrants – 3168 players.

Just when i thought that i was going to yet another tilt into oblivion, almost decided to just quit poker for a while because of my bad beats.Today the first half my poker day was terribly bad. Was running real bad – bad beats all my hands KK, AA, QQ were cracked.

Eventually decided to give one last attempt at the $1.10 buy-in MTT, which i’ve been playing more lately and also min cashing on a regular basis. The closest finish was around 13th.

As you all know in this kinda of buy-in all the money lies pre-dominantly in top 3 places, being a 6-MAX format makes it even more difficult. Well finally today i made to the final table- at one point in time before the bubble i was just left with close 13000 chips. But gradually stacked up – the irony in this tourney was that not a single hand was i dealt with any premium hand “AA,KK,QQ” – was card dead all the way.

Eventually after reaching the final table having around 600K chips second last in stack size. Waited for a long time and then was dealt with a decent hand – A10 Suited had to shove as the blinds were eating up.

But my A10 dint hold against A6 – so that was it finished 5th in a pool of 3168 players for $110.87 won.

Yeah, well the money is less but the satisfaction is priceless along with the confidence that i gain ed now.

that’s it for now guys….wishing u all gl @ tables.

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Vivek Raju

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