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Posted by JAIDEEP on 2014-05-14 at 12:00 AM

The heading pretty much sums what has been a rather long wait for a somewhat decent outing online for me.I completely switched to MTT’s around December when i took a stake and started grinding the 5$ abi, previously I had a few small micro stake scores and a few FT’s in the MICRO MILLION series but nothing that seemed significant enough to let me grind higher BI outright.

I was being weekly coached in a group and was learning a lot from people who were by far much much better than me (Probably the best thing to do for someone starting afresh is to get a coach).I was doing decent enough in the micros (not that i was any good or i am right now 😛 People were just too bad) and grinding a decent profit for someone playing micros. Within the first 50 days on stake I had made a profit of 4k requested my coach to move me to higher limit. So by Mid January I was allowed to play up till 14$ abi. My hand histories were being periodically reviewed and it would be such a huge lie if i said they were anything but leak fests. Clearly remember chopping one 5.4KO and when that HH was reviewed did i feel like the worse player ever or what. Being in a group specially as u get to hear different options. PG Skype group had become a buzz place for a while but then it has since died down (not pointing fingers but it happened after someone left the group :P).

Past 6 months i have made a lot of friends in poker and most have defiantly played much more poker than me. Of all the people who i have met in poker till date Saby has by far been the most influential/helpful of all the rest. I myself met Saby in the PG Skype group and fondly remember winning 100$ of him in a bet that he gave me 1:10 against an overlay in some MTOPS event on FTP. He is frequently contacted by people for help but how much ever one wants to help they cant help the whole world.He picked like 3 of us to help us with poker. We couldn’t capitalize upon that opportunity as well and one day we created a ruckus in the group and he shut it down (well to my defense i didn’t start it :P). I was pretty sure i was on my own from there but he sometime later contacted me and told me to focus on playing/improving rather than waste my time over petty issues. Ever since he has been helping me from getting a stake house to beating into my head the fish things i do are wrong :P.

Coming back to the grind Mid January on i pretty much had been down swinging. I was going deep but Ft’s were being finished around 6-9 and we specially took the guard stone bubbling BIGS and HOT tourneys (u cant obviously hope to win flips again the VAMO power PESSAGNO can u). the significant ones i remember were 10th in Big 8 and busting hot 33 in 12th (coincidental the guy who busted me was my backer 😛 Happy that he shipped it though). Deep in any of these could have easily cleared me of MU and then some. Leading to the week i got my score this was my third deep run in the big 22 in a matter of 7days.Six-bet shoving into AA only the day before to finish 28th was fresh in my mind (lex veldius terms-But it was such a good SPOT). My Sunday session was winding down and i had done the impossible, cashed the Sunday Storm. With no more achievements to do i pretty much one tabled the tourney after 300 people remained.This was the Sunday when SCOOP started so the prize pool might have been a bit “BIGGER” than usual. Had pretty much grinded my own SCOOP L 27$ tourneys for 4 hours to get nothing.

From 300 on to 100 i was always around 20bb range and was managing to double up when the need arose. When final 100 remained i started to pick up chips as people mostly started to tighten up plus i picked up a few big hands too at the right moment.With 27 remaining i was 4-5th in chips with a healthy 60BB stack atleast. Well things went sour from there and i pretty much doubled every shorty on the table to end up being 18/18, Still with 10BB and a 12 min structure. Pretty much all my moves from here on were shove fold spots.We somehow managed to sneak into the FT though had been 15/15 and 12/12.

FT I entered with 8BB and was way the short stack. i remember having 800k were the guy in 8th place had 2.1M. Was shoving my premiums like QJo and not getting called by people with “odds” (this one was sarcasm filled just to make it clear). Still winded down to 3BB while i was on BB. Looked down at J8o and we were getting it in.And then the action started UTg raise, 3 bet and a 4 bet and then onto me in BB.We fold and have 3 BB remaining.Then i pretty much had the rush of a life time.doubled on SB, doubled on D again.Then get QQ’s, pick up Aces against a utg open, which i played wrong obviously but lets go with the flow of me winning lol..By now my stake house had got to know i was deep and a few friends were there to rail. By this point i was 4/5 and guaranteed a decent payday.Then the guy open shoves 30BB on D to my KK for 20bb effective..thank u very much and shortly we were 3 handed.Both the guys that remained to put it politely as good fishes as me (this would ironic )…so I refused to take the deal and we all were almost even in chips.

There we re a few significant hands like one i opened 98s flatted a BB 3 bet flopped on open ender….flop went check check and when i turned nuts guy BOMBED on us when me made nuts only to check fold river. HU started with me being slightly behind in chips.It lasted some time with both of us sucking out for all of the chips in play. Last hand was pretty much a cooler for the stack size we had come down to .being all in pre with AJ against A10…flop came 789…did I wasn’t to see him pair his 10 on the turn
itself…turn river were blanks and from nowhere i had won the tourney.

This has to be the most significant of poker moment for me. I pretty much snap booked by tickets back home for a cousins wedding and had a nice time.Ya my sister she got some expensive shoes to say the least but thats okay. On my way home pretty much ran deep in a 25$ hyper waiting for the hopover flight :P. This past Sunday finished 7th and 11th in two 25$ hypers so lets hope next time we ship it . From here on i am just taking some shots into the final SCOOP events and then i will be back grinding low and semi-mid stakes. Getting better has to be on top of my priorities and as someone says “giving the math exam again and again wont make u better” so got to invest time in reviewing my game and improving.

I will like to thank all those who have helped me all this while..too many to name and those who have they know it by themselves.Thanks for the congratulatory messages I have got from everyone. Also i was told to write this blog so i hope i have done an okay part at it.Thank u everyone.

FYI-If u are still wondering we shipped the BIGGER 22 FINALLY….weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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