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My first EBOOK on PLO6

Posted by Aditya Sarkar on 2021-04-24 at 6:18 PM


My name is Aditya Sarkar and I want to tell you guys a little about my poker journey.

I was introduced to poker when I was in school. During one of our lunch breaks, I taught a friend Teen Patti, and he taught me Hold ’em in return. While Teen Patti did not quite pique my interest, I found Hold ’em to be a more complete game, and there was no looking back! Been grinding for about 14 years now.

Online poker? I started off at Zynga Poker like many other people.

I was introduced to PLO during college. While we are playing till late in the night, one of our better players introduced the game. Obviously, he won all the games that time, but that’s how I picked up the game.

I started my online poker journey with PokerBaazi. They had a promotion in our college (Freeroll)- couldn’t do very well there but logged into their site shortly afterward. I started with the freerolls and then took to low-stakes cash games.

I transitioned from Hold ’em to PLO 4 cash games on PokerBaazi and have been hooked to PLO ever since. PLO 5 and 6 are my games of choice as of now.

Poker is a very important part of my life. By profession, I’m a digital marketer- (that’s my day job!) I did my MBA from MDI Gurgaon, graduated in 2016, and have worked as a marketer in various tech companies.

What motivated me to write this ebook?

PLO 6 is a high-action game. Only a few sites offer it. While sites have introduced new variants of the game (PLO 5, 6, OFC, etc.), poker education is lacking. From a content perspective, there isn’t a lot of it available online.

After profitably grinding on PokerHigh at primarily the 25/50, 50/100 stakes level, I wanted to share my experience through this ebook – “PLO 6- 50 Mistakes That I Have Made.”

Through the book, I wanted to share my learnings and ensure that every player who wishes to play the game a little seriously gets a level playing field. You can check out the book here: https://cutt.ly/YvMcLpa

While this is just Volume 1 of the book, I plan to launch more content for the players to benefit from. I’ve received good feedback so far from the people who have read my posts and the ebook, which definitely encourages me to keep at this endeavor. Hopefully, I will launch another edition in the next few weeks.

With more education, I’m convinced that more people will generate a good win rate in poker. This, in turn, will encourage them to play more and maybe even consider the sport as a serious income generating channel.

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Aditya Sarkar

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