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      Fold preflop if you know you will be beat.

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      Rajat Agarwal

      Passive play will result in beats. Period.

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      @troll….i was at d BB and needed only $.1 to call….so the call seemed reasonable but how can i fold the hand when i got trips on flop and a decent kicker…..and i think i shd have raised after turn….88 might have folded…..

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      Yes, But I still fold if I know I will lose.

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      Arjun Parmar

      y didn’t u raise on the flop and the turn? slow play doesn’t work all the time mate…

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      @arjun yes i know i shd have raised on turn… thats where i lost the pot

      @troll how can i know that i am beat….i knew he had either an over pair or a pair and he was chasing a full house but i cant know for sure that he had hit his full house…..till river i had the best hand…and i think i could have folded on river when he shoved to my $1 raise

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      Yes, But I still fold if I know I will lose.


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